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    Hi I am new here so I thought I would introduce myself. I am not sure how this forum goes, but the other ones I belong to are automotive ones and introduction is a must.
    I am a current Criminal Justice major in The School Of Public Affairs at the University of Colorado. I am hoping to become a police officer somewhere in Colorado. I think that I will be a valuable asset because of my education, and fluency in Russian, and commitment to the law. I am graduating in December of 2009 and hoping to be excepted to a 2010 Police Academy. My goal is to go to night school and get my masters in Criminal Justice or Public Affairs while I am employed as an Officer. Any suggestions or recommendations would definitely be great at this point.
    Thanks for reading, Lenny
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    Welcome, bravo on Russian. One little kink in your plan that I saw was you plan to go to night school while employed. Well be prepared for the schedule you work to be a midnight schedule. Expect to be busy enough on the occational nights to not even be able to pick up a book. Any agency in CO you are looking at?
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      Welcome good luck with the job search. I graduated from UCD with my MPA, which can be done almost completely online so it is possible to do while working as a cop. I did it. I'm a big fan of Prof Mary Dodge who I believe is running the undergrad CJ program at UCD.


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        Thanks for your responses!
        Rasmblack you are right that certainly is a problem in my plan, however I took a few graduate courses already and they all ended before 9pm. However that is something to consider, since my schedule will be completely at the departments discretion. As for the agency goes, I am not going to be picky with the economy not being the best. I would hope to get into one with a academy.
        GVBD59 I can see why you like Prof. Dodge, she is certainly very laid back and accommodating with her students. I think the on-line route might be the way to go in the case that coming to campus will be impossible. Do you recommend any MCJ classes to take?


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