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    Im currently in the hiring process for detention deputy and wanted to get some feedback from some who works there or has alot of knowledge about the department? I dont ever hear anything about the department and wanted to know what other detention deputy have to say about the department that work there? Overall I just want a insiders view of the department?

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    I've been an explorer here at Arpahoe County for about 3 years and i've logged over 600 hours of patrol and 250 hours in detentions.

    Overall Arapahoe County is a pretty good department. As far as the jail goes, its a pretty laid back enviroment depending on where you work. You will alternate working in the pods and in booking each night.

    Working in the pods isn't that bad, you get your occasional fights and un cooperative inmates but for the most part it's just baby sitting the inmates which is why a lot of people enjoy it.

    Now working in booking is a lot more hands on. Your going to be dealing with all the suspects that cities with a lot of action arrest such as Englewood,Glendale and Sheridan.But keep in mind you will not work booking every night.

    Most of the detentions supervisors are veterans of the department and beileve in following policy to the letter. So they may seem very strict, but they mostly stay up in their offices doing admistrative work and only show up if it's really important.

    As far as moral goes, almost every other deputy you will be working loves there job and what they do and are willing to help eachother out.In fact, a lot of patrol watch commanders get very frustrated because no one wants to put in for patrol because they love working in the jail.

    Even if your not a patrol oriented person, I highly suggest that you go on ride alongs with patrol deputies once tou complete your FTO.


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      do you have any idea of how many deputies they are planning on hiring?


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        Depends on if you're talking about Detention Deputy or patrol. They now hire Detention Deputies who will only work in the jail. Similar to Denver County. You don't need to be POST certified and they will run you through their own detention academy. They are currently still attempting to bring on a bunch more detention deputies. This only changed recently.

        Patrol is a lot tougher to get hired on as an entry level. You need to be POST certified or they will send you through the Highlands Ranch academy.


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