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  • Need some LE knowledge

    I have a question about transporting firearms. I don't have a car, and it's rare --no-- next to impossible to find people who are willing to pick me up and take me to a shooting range. I want to purchase a new gun, but I'm not really close enough to any place where I could buy one that I could ride my bike to. My question is, if I took the bus to and from where ever I decided make this purchase, would that be a huge no-no? It's not like the gun would be loaded, it would be in a case, in my backpack and I would only have it with me to transport it home. I'm not really sure what the law says on this and I don't want to do anything illegal, especially when it comes to firearms. Please help!

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    Keep the ammunition separate from the gun and if you get stopped tell the officer you have an unloaded firearm in your bag and you should be fine.


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      Disclaimer: I am not in law enforcement.

      But I looked this up in CRS, 18-9-118: Firearms, explosives, or incendiary devices in facilities of public transportation:

      "A person commits a class 6 felony if, without legal authority, he has any loaded firearm or explosive or incendiary device, as defined in section 9-7-103, CRS, in his possession in, or carries, brings, or causes to be carried or brought any of such items into, any facility of public transportation, as defined in section 18-9-115 (4)."

      It clearly specifies LOADED firearm. I think you're fine if you have it unloaded, cased, and in your backpack. Nobody's even going to know.

      However, I wouldn't walk out of the gun store and directly onto the bus in view of other passengers

      Btw, I also read CRS 18-9-115, Endangering public transportation. Basically, just don't pull out your new gun and threaten anyone with it on your way home

      Happy shopping!!!


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        Oh, I also checked the RTD website, rtd-denver.com: Public Notices: Use of Facilities Policy and Application Form...didn't find anything there prohibiting you from transporting an unloaded firearm.


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          again, you will be fine. theres no law against transporting a firearm.. just carrying concealed without the proper permit.


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