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Living in Denver metro area...


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  • Living in Denver metro area...

    I recently got on as a lateral with an agency in the metro area. I start in a few weeks and need a house pretty quickly. I have never lived in Denver and am not to familiar with the area.

    I would like to be within a half hour drive to the Adams county courthouse in Brighton so I can go on-call instead of having to show up all the time.

    The only places I'm able to find right now are in less desirable neighborhoods. I was hoping to get a two bedroom house for $800-$1000 a month.

    Is my price range ridiculous? I've spent all of my off time the last week meeting with landlords, and always end up in bad neighborhoods. The nicer areas don't seem to have rentals available.

    Any suggestions are welcome as far as which cities/areas.

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    for a house in the metro area I think your expectation is a bit far fetched. Honestly I would plan on about 1200 if you can spare it unless you don't mind a townhome.. which you can find a decent one for 1000.

    if you don't mind a 10 minute drive to northern denver and 15 to 20 to downtown I would look in Brighton. We found 9 houses for rent between 1100 and 1400 on the southeast side near I76, all 3+ bedrooms and 2+ baths.. and all built within the last 3 to 5 years. We even found one brand new for rent for 1400. We'll be moving up there once our lease is up in Littleton next year and buying up there hopefully within 3 years. You get more for for your money out there I think. The metro area is just way overpriced.

    Check out http://www.rentals.com. great resource. another is any real estate place.. some have rentals they own or property manage.


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      I pay $1200 for my 2 bedroom rental house in North Thornton. I like it so far, seems pretty safe, etc. Google maps says it would be around 30 minutes from N. Thornton to the court house in Brighton. It only takes me 25 minutes to get to downtown Denver.


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        realy? it took me from SE brighton to I25 15 minutes down I76. hmm..


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          I would try to stay north of 120th, in Westminster, Thornton or Broomfield. You should have no problem being with 30 minutes from there. There are also some nicer, newer areas of Brighton, depending on which agency you are working for it may be too far to work.

          It's also not unheard of to fudge the 30 minute response a bit. I know of officers in Aurora, Arvada and parts in between that are on-call.


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            I found a house in Lakewood. You guys were right, I had to up what I was willing to pay...by quite a bit. But it beats living in the hood .

            I'm really looking forward to working in the metro area. Maybe I'll see some of you up there.


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