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  • About me...

    I am totally new to this whole forum scene I am looking for some feedback about myself and where I want to go. So here it goes...

    I am a 23 year old male filipino and currently a senior at CSULB (only 1 more semester, yay!). Right now I am in the process of being assigned a BI for LASD (they said it'll be 4-6 weeks, its been 1 week already). I will be taking my written for LAXPD,LAPD, and LAPortPD soon. As for myself, my record is fairly clean; no credit problems, no family problems, no tickets, however, the only part that may DQ me is my marijuana use. I smoked about 10 times in a 2year period. Other than that, I'm as clean as a whistle.

    How do you guys feel about my situation? Should I not even try anymore? Any feedback would be great...And I'll keep all of you up to date with my whole process. Thanks!

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    When was the last marijuana usage? I can't speak for all agencies but for example, my agency's rule is minimum 5 yrs. I've heard of LASD taking people with only 2 yrs but then again, this was 4 yrs ago. Time is the keyword here.


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      from what i wrote on the other thread:

      It could be worse. Plan on applying after you get your BA and have at least 2 years since your last use. Also, plan on explaining why you used. Obviously you weren't 15 and being a kid. You were older and used. That might raise issues. Go in and be completely honest about your usage.


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        The last time was a year and a half ago. I forgot to put that in also.


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          Sorry to butt in but i noticed you said "STEADY employment". Ive been unemployed for about 7 months now. Will this hurt my chances?
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            I'm NOT trying to discourage but. . .

            LASD is being very selective in hiring right now. From recruiters, to BI's, to poly examiners, I've heard they are looking for people with degrees, military/life experience, and of course clean BGs. Notably, many otherwise qualified DST recruits were funneled into CA positions because of fewer open DST spots. It's very competitive now.

            Completing your B.A./B.S. would be a plus, but you still have the hurdles re: the job situation and the mary jane. Best advice: roll the dice and see what happens with LASD. It's great you applied elsewhere too - you're not putting all the eggs in one basket.

            Good luck!
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              Thanks everyone!

              I really hope the MJ use doesn't DQ me, however, I do know it can. Let's see what happens.

              P.S. I've been at my current job for about 1 1/2 years. I currently applied for another job, a Parking Enforcement Officer, just to get some experience in law enforcement. Would this hurt my chances of getting hired?


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