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  • Confused In Ca.

    I'm currently trying for Rsd, Sdsd, and Cdcr.

    I just started backgrounds for CDCR. I feel my chances are good with them, but the process is somewhat long(backgrounds 4-11 months)

    I just passed the agility test with Rsd and am suppose to turn in my P.h.s. mid Oct.

    For Sdsd I received a letter to come in for a background orientation and I believe a preliminary background interview.

    My dilemma is I'm worried that if I get DQ ed anywhere in the process with Sdsd or Rsd the state may just DQ me as well.

    Ex. I fail the poly with Rsd. The state will see that I failed poly and since they don't administer the poly they just DQ me for that.

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    Well I can't speak for everyone, but I think you are doing the right thing with applying to several agencies. Just try not to worry about getting DQ'd, the poly is pretty stressful, but if you tell the truth, and can control your nerves, you should be ok. It's all a game to see how you can handle extreme stress, I'll pass along the advice that was given to me: "go to your happy place". Good Luck!


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      If you take a look at the POST background investigators manual http://www.post.ca.gov/selection/bim/bi.pdf you will find that agency A is prohibited from DQing you based solely on the DQ of agency B. However, Agency A can use that Agency B's DQ as an investigative lead and do their own, independent investigation into whatever event led to the DQ. If Agency A's second investigation meets their criteria for DQ, only then will you be bounced.
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