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Which department/s cut you the most slack in the hiring process?


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    Originally posted by jt32485 View Post
    DOA, although you advise the original poster not to admit his prior drug use, that is not an option due to the fact that he already admitted it to one department, therefore his BI will have easy access to the info anyway, unless he just decides not to tell his new BI of his application with the dept he was DQ'ed from... and the web gets bigger and bigger...
    maybe I should have rephrased it- I meant that bad part of their life shouldn't be "harped on" to much until it has to be revealed-anyone that comes out saying first off ,"I'm really interested in becoming a LEO,but I smoked crack", or would "I have worked hard to become a mature person,have a good job record,and completed my education,oh- and yes- I was immature in my earlier yrs and had a moment of experimentation with narcotics" sound alot better.I was just saying-and considering- the "i'm free to do what I want generation", this is what we are going to be in a patrol car with .I was riding with a newbie a few months back and saw a gangster blasting his car radio-I wanted to pull the punk over but the newbie I was riding with ( Who happened to be driving) had every excuse in the world for NOT stopping the thug,including" I play my music loud when I'm off duty"-this is just a paycheck to this new generation-plain and simple....
    "we're americans ! We don't quit because we're wrong, we just keep doing it wrong UNTIL it turns out Right"...


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