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  • academy costs

    I have heard that you need to have a certain amount of money to purchase items that you will need to have before you go into the academy, what kinds of things do you have to purchase before you get in and how much should I have ready?


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    If you are attending the CHP academy, here is what is recommended:

    What to bring

    As a cadet, the most important item to take to training is a positive attitude. It is imperative that each cadet possesses certain documents and information for the first day processing.

    At least two blank checks, with $350 to $500 in account to cover checks
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      for a large southern CA dept, I spent about 750. Throughout the whole academy, I spend maybe 800 more (for gear, polish, and guns)
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        It will depend on if you are open enrollee or which department hired you. I was hired to the academy and still spent several grand on equipment.
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          I payed my way through to the tune of about $3500. I had hired cadets in my class that never spent a dime, unless they wanted new "toys". It really depends on your situation coming in. Good luck.
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            Depends on where you go and if you are hired by a department when you go. I have spent a couple of two or three grand and I have about four weeks left. The big things you need to buy like uniforms cost alot and the little things that don't will add up. Throw in some class dues, gas, and any equipment that they don't issue you and it starts to get expensive. When it does get expensive don't complain...just suck it up and pay the cost...remember you are in a postition that others wish they were in.
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              I am about to start as a non-affiliate at the San Mateo Academy. Here are some of the main costs:

              Tuition $2300
              Uniforms & Gear $1050
              Gun $550

              Keep in mind that as a non-affiliate you will likely have no income during your training. Meaning rent and bills will need to be paid from your savings or put on a credit card until you get a job.


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