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Lateral Question: Regular Basic Academy Course??


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  • Lateral Question: Regular Basic Academy Course??


    I am currently trying to lateral to a different agency. However, the agency I am trying to apply is asking for a Basic POST Certificate and a Regular Basic Academy Course. I submitted my application with the Basic POST Certificate only, but I was later contacted and was told I still needed a Regular Basic Academy Course. I am very confused because I don't think I was ever issued that, but yet, I have a Basic POST certificate. In addition, I would of thought my Basic POST certificate would be the same thing as a Regular Basic Academy Course. I went on the POST website and I did not find anything in regards of a Regular Basic Academy Course.

    Is this a certificate or form? Where can I get it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Which academy did you attend? It should be the "diploma" or document you received when you graduated from there.


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      The Basic POST is not the same thing. The Academy Cert shows you attended a Full academy. The Basic Cert comes after.


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        Originally posted by CCCSD View Post
        The Basic POST is not the same thing. The Academy Cert shows you attended a Full academy. The Basic Cert comes after.
        Applicants for the award of a Basic Certificate shall:

        (A) Satisfy the requirements specified in subsection 1011(a)(4).
        (B) Complete the current employing department's probationary period of not less than 12 months.
        (C) Satisfy the minimum entry-level basic course training standard for the applicant's current position [i.e., one of the following:
        1) Regular Basic Course,
        2) Specialized Investigator's Basic Course, or
        3) a PC 832 Course and Coroner's Death Investigation Course].
        (Cal. Code Regs. tit. 11 § 1011)

        A basic certificate is required:

        “The Basic Certificate is required for...Every peace officer appointed by a department participating in the POST Program shall possess the appropriate Basic Certificate within the time limits described in subsection 1011(a)(5)(A), unless an exception in subsection 1011(a)(5)(D) pertains to the officer.” Cal. Code Regs. tit. 11 § 1011 subd. (a)(5)(C)

        OP is presumably not exempted:

        1. Peace officers appointed prior to the employing department's entry date into the POST Program and who are not required to possess a POST Basic Certificate pursuant to the requirements of Penal Code section 832.4, and
        2. Custodial peace officers appointed pursuant to Penal Code section 830.l(c), and
        3. Peace officers first appointed prior to January 1, 1974, and who have not changed departments since that date and who are not included in exceptions subsection 1011(a)(1) or (2). (Cal. Code Regs. tit. 11 § 1011 subd. (a)(5)(D))

        So this is retarded.
        Other officer: Oh that's right, I forgot, you're God's gift to police work.
        Me: At least someone recognizes it.

        Turns out basic police work isn't so hard, you just have to leave the station.


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          Many want to see if you got your basic certificate by actually going to an academy or challenging the basic POST exam. Some want to see how many hours your academy was. (My academy was in 1970, so I only went for 240 hours). Others are rather snobbish and want to see if you went to a specialized academies from which POST originally issued Specialized Basic POST certificates, but later converted them to regular POST certs.

          Just play the game and give them what they want.

          Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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            On or just prior to your graduation you should've received a POST Academy Graduate Certificate (it looks like a college diploma certificate). You should have also been told what your unique POST ID is (basically this is like a social security number that tracks you and your training throughout your career, VERY IMPORTANT NUMBER). If you know your POST ID then go to the California POST website and create a sign on in order to get into your POST Training Profile. Once you are signed in, it should have all of the training that you have received recorded, including your academy. Here is the link:

            Online POST Profile (ca.gov)

            To get a POST Basic Certificate (which is a certificate you achieve after successfully obtaining a POST Academy Cert, hired by a POST participating police agency and clearing a probationary period with that agency), you must submit via POST a request to have that POST Basic Cert sent to you. POST usually sends it to the agency you currently work for. It looks like a diploma also.

            So, here is some leg work for you.

            First create your signon through CA POST and make sure it is documented that you graduated a POST certified academy through your CA POST Training Portal.

            Each new academy trained individual receives a POST ID, if you don't know your POST ID (LEO SSN #), you can try and recover it through the POST website.

            Next, request your POST Basic Cert., via the POST website. This cert is not your Basic Graduate Cert/diploma. Again, this is your cert that you receive after passing probation with your first department. Sometimes getting it mailed to you will take time, they tend to be backed up.

            Then, go to the academy in which you attended/graduated and request your POST Academy Graduate Cert./diploma be sent to you or printed out. By the way, your academy cert/diploma should have your unique POST ID printed on it.

            In the future it is up to you, not the agency to apply for and request all of your POST Certificates that you will achieve. The next POST Cert you will be able to obtain is the POST Intermediate Cert.

            If you don't have a degree this will take eight years of experience before you can obtain it, with a BS degree, two years experience.

            The next is the Advanced Cert which will take 12 years of experience or BS degree and six years experience.

            Here is another link to the full descriptions, FAQs on Certs and how to apply to get them via the POST website.

            Professional Certificates Program

            Now, all of that legwork takes time, so the fastest way to get a Training Profile in order to prove you have the certs is to create a signon and view your POST Training Profile. If that profile is accurate, you can print that out and give it to your Background Investigator. They may be able to use that to move you along in the process while you wait for the actual certs to arrive in the mail.

            Hope that helps.


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