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  • Level 1 POST to full time

    This topic has always been questioned and this thread is to help those who are level 1 either paid or non paid LE officers that want to go full time. Those who hold a Level 1 POST completion cert are eligible to be hired full time per CA POST. The curriculum is still the same as basic, such as, Learning domains, scenarios, minimum hours completed, EVOC, firearms training etc. (You can go on POST website and verify yourself, if in doubt). It all really just depended on the agencies you are looking to work for. Some agencies will require you re-do a full time academy vs your completed modular academy. For some it’s viable, no a big deal, some may see it as a waste of time. Just depends on where your heart is. My advice is, work for what you want. If it’s an agency that wants you to re-do an academy, pay the man, and get back into academy mode! If it’s the other way, no big deal, work with what you got. Always do you due diligence, contact the agency’s recruiting unit, and ask if they will accept your POST training. At the end of 1 year being hired it turns into Basic POST Certificate.
    Believe it or not there are more agencies willing to take someone already trained and “in the business” than a off the street body. I’ve seen many guys specially now with hiring freezes opting to do a modular academy in lieu of being hired full time, some even full-time hires going through modular formats (state agencies).

    Below are some CA agencies that recognize a Level 1 POST. (if anyone know of more please list so others can be informed)

    San Bernardino Sheriff Dept
    LA County Sheriff Dep
    Riverside County Sheriff Dept
    Riverside PD
    Garden Grove PD
    Barstow PD
    San Gabriel PD
    Costa Mesa PD
    Arcadia PD

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    I was sponsored through a modular academy (RHPA.)

    I think most agencies don't really draw a distinction between a modular basic academy and a regular basic academy.
    Other officer: Oh that's right, I forgot, you're God's gift to police work.
    Me: At least someone recognizes it.

    Turns out basic police work isn't so hard, you just have to leave the station.


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