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    You can apply at any age. My class currently has three recruit officers in their 40s. The class behind us has an individual in their 60s.


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      Does any one know if your BI comes to your house and also do they come to your work?


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        I happened to see my B.I when he inquired about me to my neighbors. They don't visit your work place as far as I'm concerned. They do reach out to supervisors and colleagues through phone however.


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          I worked as a background investigator for LASD for some time and we were required to do home visits and physical employment checks at any residences and places of employment from three years prior. Everything prior to three years we would check by phone calls as far as employment checks go. I do not know exactly what LAPD does but a lot of stuff in the background process is guided and mandated by POST. Now out of state applicants we would do phone calls, letters and emails.

          People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.
          -George Orwell


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            Got the call for the October Academy!!!!


            • AvidHiker98
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              That is fantastic! I am happy for you.

              Next step as you know is the final medical exam. They will take a hair sample (drug test), they will draw blood for a tuberculosis test, they will recommend you update your vaccines (Hep B, MMR) if needed, and they will strongly encourage you to get the CV19 vaccine if you haven't already. The nurse said they cannot mandate you to get the CV19 if you don't want, but come October when it is mandated that might change. We were told to arrive at 9am and it took until noonish. You will meet half of your classmates at the medical exam. Then you will walk across the street and complete your new hire paperwork.

              This is where they give you a list of equipment you will need. LA Copper has posted before about what you will need.

              When the academy starts, your first two weeks are in black suits and ties. You will also be using laptops during the academy. They said they will lend one to you if you need, but they recommend you have your own as theirs "are crap."


            • Destiny09
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              Heard from my BI today that my background file was submitted on 9/8 for approval.

              More or less, how long did it take for your background to be approved from the time it was submitted for approval?

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            My BI called me and said I need to come in to clarify something that came up. Is that normal ?


            • cruz0311
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              Yes if you need to clarify something that your BI wants to have cleared up he or she is going to call you in.

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            LA Copper,

            are recruits permitted to sleep in their cars parked on academy grounds throughout the academy?


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              Originally posted by Destiny09 View Post
              LA Copper,

              are recruits permitted to sleep in their cars parked on academy grounds throughout the academy?
              Are you asking if they can sleep overnight in the academy parking lots? If so, I've not heard of a rule against it but you might want to get a more recent answer from some of the folks on here who are in the academy now.

              I'd be surprised if the Training Division commanding officer would allow a recruit to sleep in their cars overnight but anything's possible I guess.

              If you're asking if a recruit can sleep during Code 7, that would depend on whether or not each class's DI allows them to go to their cars during academy hours. (Code 7 is only 30 minutes so it would have to be a very quick nap if allowed)


              • AvidHiker98
                AvidHiker98 commented
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                Longer answer is the recruit manual doesn't specify, but short answer is NO.

                One day 1 our drill instructor made it clear that the parking lot is NOT a place to gather, hang out, text people after we finish class, or sit and socialize.

                If you are truly exhausted and need rest, there is a Denny's and Yoshinoya parking lot directly across the street from ARTC.

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              Tomorrow will complete my first week in the LAPD academy and I wanted to give my thoughts and feedback to help others. Everything LA Copper and Lester Marten has said thus far is true, but I will rehash it in case it was missed:

              • Arrive at 5:30am and the DI's (drill instructors) will have you sign in. Before walking into the classroom, you will be fitted for riot gear, a uniform cap, and a raincoat.
              • Then you will sit through 5-6 hours worth of presentations. A lot of this is about benefits, etc. Just be prepared in advance that this is a LONG, not very exciting day.
              • About an hour of this will be listening to DIs introduce themselves and what their expectations are of you.
              • You will then go downstairs as a class to buy your equipment from LAPRAC. You can also buy most of this ahead of time, but the 3rd party distributor is missing a few items so you will still have to wait. You'll be done by about 2pm.
              Week 1:
              • Day 1 was mostly a paperwork and get settled day. You will get your lockers and learn the basics.
              • Day 2 is a surprise . Just know that no one knows what to do so don't take it personally when you get chewed out. You will be doing lots of pushups and lots of running.
              • You will learn the basics of Drill and learn the basic commands. Pay attention to your squad leader and follow the person next to you. Be sure to remember your ditties and write them down to review at the end of the night.
              • The PFQ is gone. It is now called the PFA and you cannot fail. It is performance based, so just improve every few weeks. You will still be doing running and sit-ups and pushups, but the workouts are cardio/calisthenics based workouts. Lots of burpees, lots of pullups, lots of bear crawls.
              • You MUST get good at shining your boots. Our DI inspects them every single morning and you WILL do pushups if they are not mirror shined. Learn how to do this beforehand so it doesn't take you hours each night.
              • Every night you will have some work when you get home. You will need to shine your boots, you will need to study the lesson material and read the next day's material, and then you will need to memorize A LOT of materials.

              Before You Start:
              • Learn the LAPD phonetic alphabet. This will be tested on the 6th day of the academy.
              • Learn the mission statement and core values. This will be tested on day 4 of the academy.
              • Learn the LAPD code of ethics. This isn't formally tested early, but you must have it memorized and recite it to your DI before you graduate. If you can memorize it early, you are done and you can focus on learning the rest of the material.
              • Learn the basic patrol zones and divisions.
              Good luck and be ready to work!


              • Hiker, I hope you're "enjoying" it so far. Like military boot camp, the academy is a lot of work. The biggest difference is you're allowed to go home at night. You'll like the stuff at Davis more than ARTC.

                Keep in mind, the academy and your probation are not the type of jobs where you can go home after work and forget about the job until the next day. There's a lot of work you'll need to put in at home as well. Stuff like, studying, shining, PT, etc. If you want to succeed, that's the way to do it. Time, effort, and commitment are needed to be safe, successful, and prosperous on this job. Good luck.


                • Thank you guys for the responses!


                  • Thanks for all the info, this will help a lot of people. How much money did you spend at the LAPRAC?


                    • AvidHiker98
                      AvidHiker98 commented
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                      ~ $1000. I think mine came out to $892.

                      You will also need suits. DI’s recommend 2 just in case one rips. I actually ripped my dress suit during push-ups during drill. So do have extra.

                      The recruit manual says “dark and conservative.” This means charcoal or navy IS acceptable and allowed for the academy. But, 99% of the recruits are in black. If you show up in Navy you ARE following procedure, but just know that standing out means there is extra attention called to yourself. Keep that in mind.

                      I had every color except black so I did buy 2x black suits so I could fit in.

                      LA Suits in Downtown sells 3 suits for $250.

                  • My neighbors started getting letters in mail from my background investigator. Can someone tell me how long your backgrounds took?


                    • OSH93
                      OSH93 commented
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                      BlueLagoon I started my Background back in 05/09/21. My BI just started to reach out to my references. Its different for everyone I guess. My neighbors did not receive any letters yet.

                  • Originally posted by BlueLagoon View Post
                    My neighbors started getting letters in mail from my background investigator. Can someone tell me how long your backgrounds took?
                    Backgrounds depend on different variables. How much of a background do you have for the investigator to sift through? Are you 21 years-old with a minimal background or 30+ years-old with a plethora of stuff in your background? Military, college, multiple jobs, a divorce or two, driving record, etc.

                    It would also depend on how busy your assigned investigator is and where you rank on their list.

                    In other words, there is no set time frame. Be patient and continue to prepare for the day the call comes.


                    • BlueLagoon
                      BlueLagoon commented
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                      Thank you for your detailed response LA Copper. In other words, each background investigation differs depending on the investigator and the applicant's history. I will keep everyone in the loop should I receive any updates.

                  • Just a heads up for the people still awaiting academy dates in regards to finances:

                    It's been said a few times on this thread, but make sure you have some $ set aside for gear BEFORE you start the academy. You will not be paid until your 4th week.

                    You will spend approx ~ $850 for equipment, you'll need to set some more aside for suits (doesn't need to be expensive but this still adds up), men will need to buy a clippers to cut your hair weekly (or shave it all the way down if you want. Cost me $70), then you'll have to laminate a lot of documents (might not be req- depends on your DI, but FedEx charges $2.79 per page), you'll have to print 250+pgs for the firearms/recruit manuals (money in ink and paper, etc).

                    There are a lot of little things that cost money that I didn't think of or we weren't told about until starting.

                    To be safe, if possible, try to set aside $2000ish before you start just to be safe. You likely won't need this much.


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