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    Originally posted by 3M View Post
    I took the written test online last night. Hopefully I can do the interview online as well. Right now, my out of state expedited appointment is not until June. I’m hoping to speed things up.
    If you took the written test online, then I'm guessing the process has been changed due to the ongoing craziness out there. Until now, everything other than the PBA had to be done in-person.

    What part of New England are you from? Have you tried to PM me also? I'm hoping it works now, that way all of us can get into more specifics. Do either of you have any other questions I can help you with? (3M and Brendan)


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      Originally posted by LA Copper View Post
      I guess there's something wrong with the PM system. I now only have three messages in it with plenty of room for more, weird.

      We do take laterals from other departments, as long as you are able to obtain the California Basic POST waiver. You would need to contact them to find out if you qualify. It would depend how much training you had there in Mass. That would include your academy and in-service stuff. (Did you attend a the full academy or the reserve intermittent?)

      California POST requires 664 hours, with specific topics covered. https://post.ca.gov/peace-officer-basic-training The LAPD (like other departments in the state) takes it further, which is why if you're able to obtain a waiver, you could attend our lateral academy. We do things a lot different than you do there in Mass. If you do qualify, I believe you would need to take a POST test in order to obtain the waiver. This test is with POST and has nothing to do with our Department. As a lateral, the academy is more laid back and is not six months long. You would need to attend certain LAPD specific classes such as tactics, shooting, EVOC, and policies. You're right about the shotgun, you'd have to get that in our academy. I'd have to inquire from our academy folks for more specifics.

      After graduation you are still on probation and would need to work with an FTO although I forget how structured it is for laterals. Like I said above, we do things much differently than back in Mass. I have friends on different departments back there in Mass and have done a number of ride alongs with them over the years so I'm pretty familiar with it.

      Regarding the pension, the best we can do is 90% at 33 years. It depends what pension tier you're in if you're able to collect and when. Unless you leave for another department, pretty much no one here leaves after 20 years, partly because you have to be 55-years-old to start collecting your pension and for the medical insurance to start. We also have the DROP (Deferred Retirement Option Plan) program, deferred compensation, and the compressed work schedule, 3/12 and 4/10. where you can pick your own days off, no 4 and 2 here!

      What part of Mass are you from? Hopefully the PM thing will start working in case you'd like to get more specific with your questions.

      Awesome information here, thank you so much. For some reason I’m still getting that pop up message when I try to PM you. I don’t want to get into specifics where I work on the public page so hopefully the PM thing gets fixed, but I think I might have communicated to you when I first got hired over here and we talked about me eventually lateraling. If I’m correct you went to a college in my hometown? I could be wrong and have the wrong person.

      That pension is much better than mine here and I’m glad there’s no 4 on 2 off, your buddies over here probably told you how bad it is. Do officers pick either 4 10’s or 3 12’s or is that based on division/assignment?

      Just a few other questions. I’ve never had to take a poly before, is that something that they rely heavily on? I can see myself being nervous just taking it.

      I’m working on getting my academy curriculum so that I can submit the CA waiver application. In the meantime would you happen to know if I should take the written online and PHQ or should I wait until I get an answer from POST? Also, do you know how often they run lateral academies and how many people typically are in them?

      On a different note, it seems like LAPD keeps a pretty good fleet of vehicles, at least from what I see online/YouTube. Is there ever any major issues like not having enough cars or just being in junk cars all the time?

      How competitive is it getting gang enforcement detail and is there a pay stipend for that, and a minimum time on the job before you can apply? How about other proactive units?


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        I think I found the problem with the PMs; the system won't allow me to delete my sent messages in order to make room for new stuff. I don't understand why.

        If your hometown begins with a G and ends with an R, then maybe we did, although I don't remember it.

        I'm very familiar with the 4 and 2 and am very glad we don't have that here. I'd rather be able to pick my own days off rather than be told when I have to be off. You would get to work both, the 3/12 and 4/10, it would just depend on what watch (shift) you work. Every Patrol division has both.

        Yes, we do rely on the Poly. If you appear to be lying, I doubt you'd be hired. If it comes back as inconclusive, then you would probably be asked to take it again. Just answer truthfully and you should be ok. The more nervous you tell yourself you're gonna be, the more you'll feel that way.

        It's up to you how soon you want to see about getting out here. With all the stuff going on in the country right now, the process is probably going to be slower than it normally is. Being out of state, you should qualify for the expedited testing process, which will help speed it up; plus you'll only have to come out here once, maybe twice to test.

        If I remember correctly, as a lateral you would be attached to a regular academy class and only have to attend certain classes but I'll check tomorrow and try to get back to you ASAP.

        Every LAPD station has it's own garage, gas pumps, and car wash, so our cars are well taken care of. You can't be driving in high speed pursuits with cars that are falling apart. Our department takes pride in its appearance, in our cars, our stations, and our officers. (I know many police chiefs back there in Mass don't wear a Sam Browne, maybe only a sidearm on their belts. Our entire command staff wears their full Sam Browne whenever they wear a uniform.)

        You need a minimum of three years in patrol, have a "clean package" and show you're a working guy to qualify for the gang unit. Every Patrol division has a gang unit so there are 21 different divisional gang units on the department. There are also some gang related specialized units that aren't attached to a Patrol division. There is no pay bump when assigned to gangs.

        For most other specialized units throughout the Department, you would need to promote to detective. There are only a few police officer ranks within specialized units these days as most officers were assigned back to Patrol.

        I hope this helps answer your questions. Let me know if you (or anyone else) has anymore I can help out with.


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          Do you know about how long they are taking to get people into a academy? The website said between 50-100 days is possible but that seems really fast.

          How was the academy overall? Could you break down your experiences? Mine was live in, and very paramilitary screaming and shouting type stuff. The academics were also very tough but tactics and driving were just okay-how is LAPD?


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            As I mentioned earlier, the process has slowed down now with all the Virus stuff going on. But for when things are back to normal, it would depend on how much background you have for the investigators to sift through. It also depends on how many people are ahead of you in the process. We have people from all over the country testing with us so sometimes the system gets a bit backed up, although not always. If your background is pretty clean and easy to investigate, three to four months is possible.

            Our academy is not live-in, I believe only the CHP academy is live-in here in California. Like most departments, we are a para-military organization. You will get yelled at in our academy if you screw up but it's not like the Staties back there in New England. It is very structured for good reasons.

            Academics are important but we do focus a lot on tactics. Tactics are what will potentially save your life. We lean a lot on tactical stuff here in LA because it's a dangerous place to work. That's why we have two officer patrol cars. At our Davis Training Facility, we have a "Tactical Village," three shooting ranges, and our own EVOC track. You will get a LOT of tactics training at the LAPD academy.

            Other questions?


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              Anyone know if the fitness log is required for the interview, since I recently took my written test, and CAPS was recently canceled due to covid-19?


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                Originally posted by FutureOff View Post
                Anyone know if the fitness log is required for the interview, since I recently took my written test, and CAPS was recently canceled due to covid-19?
                No, it's not required even under normal circumstances but it's not looked upon favorably if you haven't attended CAPS. However, given the situation the way it is now, it obviously won't be held against you since they've been postponed.

                On the other hand, don't be afraid to show some self initiative by doing some type of workout at home. Being flexible and adaptable is one of the main staples of police work and will certainly look favorable for you. Just write in your fitness log what you've done and bring it with you to the interview.


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                  I found out that the lateral version of our academy is about 16 weeks. You don't attend every class the recruits attend but you would need to attend some of them and it's during their schedule, which is why it's drawn out to 16 weeks. You would have some down time mixed in.

                  I'm told we don't have a specific academy just for laterals because we don't have that many people lateraling in at the same time to make an entire lateral class. It's also a much laid back version for laterals with no being yelled at and no forced running, although I believe some running is required, which is not a bad thing for our job.

                  Anyone have any other questions?
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                    Originally posted by LA Copper View Post
                    What a coincidence, I'm from New England as well. (Go Sox!)

                    If you're able to obtain a California POST Basic Course waiver, you'd be able to do the lateral academy. It's worth a shot if you don't want to do the whole academy but it's up to you. I forget what the starting pay is now. We just got a new contract, which includes educational incentives so you'd have to talk to the recruiting folks to find out specifics about the pay scale.

                    You don't have to wait till you're off probation for overtime. Once you graduate the academy and hit the streets, you're just like any other officer with the opportunity for OT. If you are on a crime scene or a perimeter or make a late arrest or have to attend court on a day off, all equate to OT. We don't have "details" like they do back in New England if that's what you're asking about. We make our overtime doing police work, although we do have overtime "details" working LA's version of the MBTA or at the Coliseum or Staples Center.

                    Some divisions are busier than others. Some are more violent than others. Some are slower than others, so it all depends what you're looking for. It also depends where you live. If you can help it, you don't want to spend hours on the freeways, that's no fun. After probation, you're free to put in transfer requests to move around the city to our 21 different patrol divisions to see what you like.

                    I've been here for quite a while now and can honestly say I'm very glad I got on the job here and not back home. The differences are huge. I've enjoyed the vast majority of it. Send me a PM if you want specifics.
                    Does LAPD accept applicants who hold California POST BCW?


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                      Originally posted by USAFR Paralegal View Post

                      Does LAPD accept applicants who hold California POST BCW?
                      Does BCW stand for Basic Course Waiver? If so, yes. That's what I explained in several previous posts. Are you interested?


                      • USAFR Paralegal
                        USAFR Paralegal commented
                        Editing a comment
                        I looked into LAPD and LBPD, read somewhere that neither accepts out-of-state (Basic-Course-Waiver) applicants; they only accept in-state laterals. Unless something recently changed. But to answer your question...most definitely interested. Just no desire to go through another basic academy.

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                      I was finally able to delete a bunch of stuff from my PMs in case some folks still want to PM me with specifics. That way I might be able to better answer some of your questions privately.


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                        Originally posted by LA Copper View Post
                        I was finally able to delete a bunch of stuff from my PMs in case some folks still want to PM me with specifics. That way I might be able to better answer some of your questions privately.
                        It’s still giving me that damn message I don’t know what’s wrong with it.

                        I just saw your post about it being 16 weeks because it’s drawn out and you basically attend classes you need in the academy that’s already running. That’s fine by me and I wouldn’t mind that.

                        Would you say with the current state of politics in CA and the cost of living that it’s worth it to make the move? I love the weather (I’ve been to LA) and I love the culture of the department and riding two man. Is the politics stuff over blown and can guys still be proactive stopping and searching cars?

                        Someone else posted in the thread that they had read previously that LAPD doesn’t accept the basic course waiver, do you know for sure that they do? I can’t find anything online for that.

                        As far as OT, is that something that fluctuates or is there normally opportunities to make some extra coin?

                        That’s awesome that each division has all that for the cars. I’ve also always been curious about the pursuit policy. It seems like you guys can chase stolen cars but is there any major restrictions to it? I know you guys have the airships to follow them.


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                          I can't figure out what the PM problem is, I'm sorry about that. I have less than 10 total messages in there so it should work.

                          We don't accept "out of state waivers" but we do accept California Basic Course Waivers. If I remember correctly, you would need to contact California POST and ask them. post.ca.gov Once you have the California POST waiver, you're good to go. I just asked someone at our academy about it so I know it's true. And by the way, you're getting paid the entire time you're in the academy so that's a help.

                          California is definitely a liberal state with weird people running it, close to what Massachusetts is like with people like Elizabeth Warren, Mitt Romney, and Duval Patrick. Our mayor is weird also but he's the mayor and not the police chief, although he is the chief's boss. Our chief is very pro officer and I think he's doing a pretty good job so far.

                          I can't speak for other departments around southern California but we still go out and do police work. It's certainly not like it used to be years ago but there's still plenty of police work to do. Just watch some of the LAPD's Critical Incident Briefings and see some of our officer involved shootings. Everyone in Patrol wears body cameras and have been for about 4 years now. They certainly aren't everyone's favorite but they're getting used to them.

                          Regarding OT, we don't have "details" like you do in many New England states. We make much of our OT working OT; things like perimeters, crime scenes, late arrests, going to court on days off, things like that. Some guys work overtime watches (we call them watches, not shifts) with the MTA (trains and buses). Some guys work off-duty at the Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers, and USC football games. Some guys have off-duty jobs doing security work, selling real estate, as mortgage brokers, etc. All off-duty work that's not Department related requires a "Work Permit" from your commanding officer. He/she has to review and approve what type of work you're gonna be doing to make sure it meets Department standards.

                          Some divisions are busier than others, which means the chance of you being on a K-9 perimeter searching for a suspect, or guarding a homicide crime scene, or making a late arrest, are greater than working at other divisions. If you want the OT, it's usually there.

                          Regarding pursuits, we can only pursue if a crime has been committed, misdemeanor and felony. It can't be for a traffic violation like running a stop sign or red light. It is policy that we have two units, a supervisor and an air unit (if available) to be involved in the pursuit. If it's not a major felony (homicide, ADW, robbery, rape, etc) then the air unit will "track" the vehicle while the patrol cars drop back while still following at a distance hoping the bad guy will slow down and not crash. If it is a major felony, we would stay with the vehicle and not "track."

                          What state in New England are you currently working in?


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                            Good to know. I’m going to look into getting the wavier but wouldn’t mind the academy either. How to you choose your shift? Is it by seniority? Can you move your days off fair easy to accommodate a spouses schedule?


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                              We call them watches rather than shifts. If you work Patrol, which you would for at least your first three years, you would usually have your choice between four different watches; Regular day watch, mid day watch, Regular PM Watch, and Morning Watch (graveyards).

                              You can ask to go to a specific watch and can remain there for a minimum of six months. Once six months goes by, you could be bumped by someone who wants to change their watch, although it's not a definite. You could stay there much longer if you want to and if it works out. Seniority on the job has nothing to do with changing watches, which I totally agree with. It makes if fair for everyone, regardless of how much time you have on the job. That way all new guys aren't "stuck" on graveyards for years with no chance to see daylight if they want to and not all old guys aren't on day watch, never seeing the moon.

                              You get to pick your days off three weeks before the start of the following Deployment Period (DP). On a 3/12 you'll have 15 days off, which you can choose. Sometimes you'll get all of the 15 you picked, other times you may only get maybe 12 of the ones you picked. You'll still get 15 days off per DP, just not always the exact ones you want. If that happens, it's because too many other people on your watch want the same day(s) off you want and obviously not everyone can be off the same day, someone has to work.

                              Sometimes you can swap your day off with someone else but not always. It's a very good schedule and better than most I've seen. It's not perfect but it works pretty well for us.


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