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Irvine PD Application 2020


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  • Irvine PD Application 2020

    Had an interesting time applying with Irvine PD in 2020.

    Did well enough on the written to attend an oral board.

    Smoked the oral board, LT loved my responses and previous work experience (Used to be an EMT and currently am an entrepreneur owning my own business)

    Finished the pre-polygraph and submitted, but had to delay my PAT due to an emergency back home (hours away) so I had to schedule my PAT for the following month.

    2 days before my PAT I get a notice I am no longer in the hiring process, due to unknown reasons..

    Long story short I figured it was something I added to my pre-poly paperwork. I was very honest, yet didn't go into crazy detail about any incidents. The officer reviewing my pre-poly never mentioned any red flags, all seemed very normal to him.

    I'm assuming the fact that I smoked "Salvia" 1x when I was younger was the kicker (even though it was legal to purchase from head-shops at the time) or potentially that I ate an MJ edible a little over 3 years ago might've been the kicker..

    Either way, super bummed I got kicked out due to either of those, but should know better next time. I wasn't invited to reapply with Irvine, only told to look for another job in the city which leads me to believe it was something irreversible like smoking Salvia when I was a kid.

    Written test was pretty easy, I didn't study for it. Was similar to any Pellet-B from what I heard. First time taking any PD written. Oral board was pretty simple, questions were all about critical thinking and why I wanted to work for Irvine PD. All I can suggest is "don't set your gun down" if they ask you about the hostage situation lol

    Good luck to anyone applying for that dept, and a little heads up on the application process.

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    Irvine is super hard to get on to and for a reason, they are one of the highest paid agencies in the southland and not to mention the clientele they serve. Even though they only require 60 college credits, they prefer a degree. They can be super picky as they do not have a shortage of applicants which may not have the past indiscretions others may have. Officers from other agencies try to lateral there with many years on their agencies, that has to say something.

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      IPD is one of those super squeaky clean hiring departments. If you're familiar with their city's demographics you'll quickly realize they are a "customer service" based agency. Nothing wrong with that, but their day to day work is much different than say Santa Ana or Anaheim.

      EVERYONE is hiring right now and if pay isn't the only thing holding you back and your background is clean aside from what you mentioned above, I would try elsewhere.

      I know one officer at IPD and another that lateraled to my agency... from what I know of their hiring process, if they pass on you once, you're done with them forever.


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