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    Many smaller agencies contract their backgrounds out if their staff lacks the expertise and training necessary to do a thorough job or if they simply lack the personnel necessary to devote the hours needed to do the work.

    Getting terminated and reinstated is all going to depend on the circumstances of the situation. Disciplinary actions and civil suits are predicated on the law, while backgrounds are determined by what really happened, irrespective of the niceties of a legal adjudication. In previous posts I've discussed an applicant I did a background on who was arrested and tried for rape. The arresting agency screwed up their search and all the physical evidence (blood, semen, clothing) that connected him to the crime was kicked out in court making it a she said - he said case. The jury acquitted, making him not guilty as a matter of law, but he was still a rapist as a matter of fact and he was DQed on the background.

    What the background turns up on your situation will weigh in any decision. If this was one of those PORAC LDF moments we read about in their monthly magazine where they save cops who got royally screwed by their agency, they you should have nothing to worry about. However, if you are a loose cannon who skated by because someone's personal animus bled through in what would have been an otherwise perfectly valid termination, then you may have a problem.
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      Good example of being found Not Guilty in court, when you’re actually Guilty in reality!


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        thank you. Just wanted some insight while i wait for call back. Background check has yet to start as bi writes up report and sends it to dept. im just not familiar with how dept view civil suits against employers and terminations.


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