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  • Golden Gate Bridge Patrol

    Anybody have any experience with this organization? I hear very little about them, although it looks like interesting gig.
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    Had no idea this job even existed. It pays well for security. TBH lots of things are a “stepping stone” to law enforcement. You don’t need to work security nor does it particularly help in order to get hired.


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      I was a security guard before becoming a deputy. If I was doing it all over again, I’d get a job in sales (probably selling cars) to develop the gift of gab, to get people to want to do things your way.
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        I've been a part of a hiring team for a while now for local law enforcement. My word of advice on what to do prior (experience wise) and how to be the best candidate is this:

        Join one of the five military branches. Do active duty for four years and get your bachelors degree. It does not matter at all what job you do in the service, just join. While in you can earn your degree for free and a lot of your training in the service counts towards your degree. After boot camp and your specialty school you should have enough college credit earned towards an associates degree. Then do distance learning classes for two years while you are in, to achieve your bachelors. Its actually pretty easy.

        From my experience, the very best applicant checks all of the following boxes:

        1. Mid to late 20s
        2. Four years active duty veteran
        3. Bachelor's degree
        4. Clean background history/even better, a Secret or Top Secret clearance from the federal govt., which now a days most military jobs require and will provide to you without your specific request. They have to, for you to do your job.

        The above candidate's application will be put to the very top. Basically, it will guarantee you an interview.

        The next part is the hardest for most and that is the Oral Board interview. If you come across well put together and not a crap sandwich doofus, you will be good to go.

        Second tier applicants usually check the following boxes:

        1. Early (too young can be a gamble) mid and late 20s
        2. Four years of active duty military
        3. Associate's degree/no degree
        4. Clean background

        With that above you will almost always get an interview, but may not progress further if competing for a small amount of openings or top tier candidates.

        Finally, the lower tier check the following boxes:

        1. 30's, 40's (not age discrimination by any means, its just a job meant for younger folks that's all. Also longevity is important. It costs a lot to get a good hire and agencies want a long term rate of return, so mid 20's is perfect).
        2. No military service, but experience in jobs that may help, as another post alluded to, sales, parking enforcement, code enforcement, probation etc. etc. Security is not really looked upon as great experience.
        3, No degree
        4. Some issues in background, like past drug history and liens/credit issues (not a deal breaker but cause for pause)

        This candidate will probably not get an interview if competing with the above two. This candidate can still get hired, depending on the applicant pool (those in which this candidate is competing against) at the time and the amount of open positions.

        But with that being said, there is so many agencies' out there that are hurting for people and anyone with a clean background has a good shot. I call it the Obama effect, no one wants to be a cop anymore because of the anti-cop rhetoric of the previous administration (think Black Lives Matter). Add to that the pension change that Jerry Brown imposed in California, basically making the job less lucrative then former years.


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          " I call it the Obama effect, no one wants to be a cop anymore because of the anti-cop rhetoric of the previous administration (think Black Lives Matter)" What do you expect? You just said your preference is 20 nothings with college experience. Start looking at older applicants with life experience and you'll probably see better results. Grown adults in their mid 30s and 40s couldn't care less about BLM or the Obama effect. That BS is absorbed by the whiny college kids sheltered with safe spaces, your targeted age group.

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