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  • New ammo law

    Has anyone bought ammo yet under the new California law? Are law enforcement exempt? I have so many questions.. Or do we have to do the background checks as well? People have said you can’t buy ammo for guns that aren’t registered to you, anyone know? I’ve tried googling, I’ve tried forum searching and so far nothing that really helps. Thanks ahead of time.

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    I bought ammo the other day for the first time. I went through 4 IDs before I could make the purchase. They wouldn’t accept my License. Wouldn’t accept my credentials (Federal). Wouldn’t accept my US government PIV ID. Luckily I had a passport card on me and they accepted that. I don’t think the calibre/type of ammunition is limited. I definitely wasn’t exempted.
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      This happened to me as well. My CDL didn’t have my home address, but rather a P.O. Box, so that caused an issue. My passport had just expired and my credentials weren’t sufficient enough. I had a CCW before becoming sworn, but that, too, had just expired and I didn’t renew it because doing so was pointless. I had to fish out the only vehicle registration that I have that has a physical address AND my birth certificate to make the purchase [at Walmart]. Ridiculous!

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      I just made my second ammo (three days ago) purchase since the new law went into effect (Walmart) and had to use the passport card again. Because of the hassle and the fact that Walmart is getting out of the ammo business I purchased nearly 5,000 rounds (9 mm, .223, .380 and .22). The next day the clerk calls me in a panic requesting I return to the store to sign the forms (he forgot to have me sign them on the day of the purchase). He leaves me a message at almost 4pm requesting I make it to the store by 5pm. I finally made it in to sign (I avoid Walmart at all costs but the price for Target ammo is really good) and the clerk couldn’t thank me enough. We all know that the true intent of the law is to make it difficult to buy so that some just stop purchasing ammo all together. There are already straw buyers for weapons and those are tracked. Any criminal would simply have someone else buy the ammo and there would be zero tracking for this. This will not deter criminals purchasing ammo at all.

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    A CDL works just fine.
    No. There isn’t a correlation between ammo and guns registered.
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      From what I was told at Big 5, ID works just fine. You can skip the wait and pre-register or update your firearms ownership at

      The ammo registration crap is matched up to if your purchased a firearm after Jan 1 2014 and uses the address at that time. If moved it will delay your ammo purchase. No there are no law enforcement exceptions.

      ​​​​​​More info check this site
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        So glad I'm leaving this state...things are getting out of hand.


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          I was one of the first people in the door at my local shop the day the law took effect. Poor guys at the counter were stressed beyond belief.

          I specifically bought ammo for guns I don’t own and I was able to buy it. It helps if you bought a gun after 2014.

          I do not use my LE status unless I absolutely have to. There was no exemption.
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            Thanks for the info guys. A lot of California laws we joke are dumb or stupid but I’m pretty sure this take the cake. What a joke.


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