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Request for advice on reapplying


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  • Request for advice on reapplying

    hello all. I applied to agencies in SoCal sometime ago and was disqualified due to inconsistencies in background packets (per policy, they couldn’t tell me what the inconsistencies were). I am eligible to reapply now since it has been 12 months but a veteran deputy advised me that it is better to wait 2 years (instead of just 12 months) as sometimes agencies are hesitant to accept a reapplication so soon. Is there truth to this? Can anyone please offer some advice on whether this matters and what I should make sure to clean up before I reapply and whether there is a way to find out’ what the issues are? Thanks for your time.

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    What are the inconsistencies? If more than once agency disqualified you for it, then you should know what they are without having to ask them.

    In hiring, if you lie, you die in this profession. So depending on what your issues are the time could be right or could be never.


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      What are the inconsistencies? Did you not save the first copy of your PHS? Also how many agencies did you apply to? These all matter.

      If 12 agencies told you no that’s different than 4 agencies passing on you.

      Right now agencies statewide are desperate. I’d keep trying if I were you because if you can’t get hired in the next few years it’s probably not in the cards.


      • vcexec
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        I applied to 3 agencies. I checked my packets and they looked consistent so I think it was on a polygraph I took. However, they went out of order for me at 1st agency (polygraph before post-packet interview) and they told me it was a mistake on their end that probably wouldn’t matter. However I think it did matter as I didn’t get the chance to clear up any grey areas. I also think I ended up providing more information during thenpolygraph then asked for in the background packet and that may have therefore created inconsistencies as I didn’t provide this info to other agencies in the backgroudnpackets but unfortunately I just don’t know and it’s a little frustrating and discouraging.
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      • NorCalAspirant
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        Just keep applying dude. 3 agencies is nothing. Most people apply to at least 6+ agencies until they get hired. The PHS is quite thorough. It would be hard to give information they didn’t ask for. But if you did, that’s also a sign you can’t follow directions.

        Remember, you are being evaluated on EVERYTHING not just the facts of your background. Your vocabulary, how respectful you are, your penmanship, you ability to follow directions, how you carry yourself, etc. These are all things that are taken into account by the agency.

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      Thanks, NorCal. I wasn’t clear ( I edited my response) but I meant that I provided info during my polygraph with the 1st agency that I didn’t provide in my PHS packets, which could have potentially created inconsistencies. I don’t know. I can’t figure it out but that’s one of the things that comes to mind. That’s why I think that getting polygraphed out of process really messed up my candidacy but then again it could be something else. It’s hard not knowing the issue was but I also understand that it’s part of the policy for good reasons.


      • Dt1911
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        That's probably it. Only you know what you did. Reapply and see if you can clear things up when they ask you. However, you probably have some explaining to do since you admitted to something during your poly that you left out of your PHS. Hopefully it's something minor, like you forgot to mention that in high school you shoplifted a pair of Jean's or something...and not something like you forgetting to mention that you used to be in a gang, and committed a bunch of undetected felonies lol. Keep plugging away, if it's meant to be it'll happen.

        I've applied at 15+ agencies and gone through backgrounds with 7+ agencies...a bunch of DQ's, and finally one is giving me a chance. Hopefully you will get yours as well. Good luck!

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      Like some have stated, reapply!!! Make sure your paperwork is consistent, and own up to your previous lack of attention to detail when the next agency asks about your DQ(s). I’ve been DQ’d in the past for the same reason, but I eventually got hired once I cleaned up my paperwork. If you want this job, don’t let a few hiccups dissuade you from pushing forward.


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