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  • Sac regional PS Center Extended Acadamy

    So... I have some backgrounds with various agencies. But I am not willing to risk the washout due to injury or being old (31), &/or fat (we are working on that). If I were to washout and be w/o a job, times would be beyond tough....

    I get out of ARC (the local JC) with an Associates Degree in two weeks (woo,Hoo!!!!).... Has anyone put themselves through this acadamy? Any thoughts on training for it? Any local Agencies that look favorably on this acadamy? ANY thoughts in particular?

    Thanks in advance....
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    I have taken trainings at the SRPSTC for my job, i like it and the men and women who are in the academy are always very nice. The dean of the school Mr. Mckee is awesome and has some of the best teachers he can find.


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      I have taken some classes there and heard good things about their academy. The cuurent climate is that departments are going back to puting folks through the academy instead of looking for academy graduates. Might as well be paid for working while you attend. You might want to hold off and see.

      Good luck on whatever you decide.
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        I would wait just a little longer to see if anyone picks you up. Having said this,

        I know of many people who went through the extended academy, who have been hired wihtout any issues - going back 18 years to more recently.

        While in the academy, you may get picked up in the process - which has occurred (extended, probably towards the end but never the less).

        As an academy graduate, most agencies process you a lot quicker too. Most agencies in the Sac area put you through an oral then straight to backgrounds. A few have you do the POST physical test. If it helps to say, I put myself through 19 years ago and within six months - bing, bang, boom (though I was a level 1 reserve for almost a year before the academy).

        SRJSTC is a very good place to go. I go to most of my AOT and other training there - that is my "local" preference, otherwise I jump at the opportunity to get down to SoCal for my classes.....

        31 y/o and/or fat? you can work on the latter. 31 is still young.... just work on your jogging / distance running and light upper body work out.

        good luck.
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