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  • Bakersfield Police Department

    Hello, I'm originally from Bakersfield, I'm currently stationed at Fort Wainwright. I have no contacts within the department and I'm trying to get more information on the department and any advice or tips on the surrounding areas.

    That said, I do have a few questions:

    1. Does anyone know when the next Self-sponsor academy will be held?

    2. (Other) Any advice for those that stutter or have trouble speaking on radio communications?

    3. What is the morale like there, how people are treated, etc. Is there a brotherhood feel in place?

    4. Also in general, how do officers move up in ranks? Such as from Police Officer-Sergeant- Lieutenant -Captain?

    5. I get out in five months, any way in this time frame to when I apply that I can make myself more marketable to them? The reason I ask this question is because I'm trying not to use the G.I. Bill till I become an officer so that I can figure out what college program would be best for me as well as the department.

    6. Practicing for the oral board... I get it, there are plenty of posts on this forum about interviews and oral boards, I am horrendous at this. Are there any reliable programs, for example, the army offers a Soldiers For Life program where I can go to - to practice in an interview, but it's mostly just soldiers interviewing each other and I'd like more professional insight.

    7. In line with question #1 is self-sponsoring a reliable way to increase my chances of being hired on?

    Honestly, I'm just trying to be the best candidate - in the short amount of time that I prescribed myself.

    As I said, I'd really appreciate any helpful advice or information and insight on the department and the surrounding areas. Thanks to all who take their time out of the day to even respond to this post, as well I will most likely have more questions to ask soon after! Thank you!
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    A recruiter from that department can probably answer most of those questions. Try calling them or emailing them. I've emailed smaller departments and they were always happy to answer any questions I had.


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      I can’t answer most of your questions. However, as long as you did well in the military, you should be a viable candidate for Bakersfield or any other department you want to apply with.

      A word of caution, don’t set your sights on just one department. Even during times like this when almost everyone is hiring, you should apply to at least 4-5 other agencies and be prepared to wait at least 6 months for anyone to hire you.


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        Thank you both for your input.


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