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  • waiting on the call

    Is it normal to take the medical and psychological tests a couple weeks before the academy? I still have not been contacted about these two tests and I passed every other phase of the application process. My Captain ( my BI) told me he could definitely see me in the July 7th academy back in May.
    Also I'm hoping to go into the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Academy

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    I can see you in the July academy too, but well...............at this late in the game, odds are it isn't going to happen.

    Contrary to common belief, hiring in government doesn't work like a well oiled machine. There re all sorts of things that can delay an appointment or hold up an applicant's processing. What one manager may envision can be delayed endlessly by a headquarters bureaucracy. The last person I authorized for hiring and anticipated to be on board within the next 30 days took over a year for HQ to process.

    There is a phrase in the military that one also hears frequently in government - Hurry up and wait. That's what you need to do here. My favorite phrase is, It will all collapse into place. I suspect that will eventually happen with you as well.
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      There's absolutely no normal when it comes to being hired on by a law enforcement agency. In an ideal world everything would flow smoothly and you'd have your final offer well in advance of the academy. I have seen them force a medical the day before the academy starts to get someone in.

      If you're worried at all a friendly phone call to HR would be appropriate. Don't bombard them with calls and emails but simply asking them about the next steps or such is ok.


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