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  • PERSable Salary

    I probably should know this by now having 12 years in the system, but what is considered PERSable Salary (CALPERS 3% @ 55, High 3 Years). I get a base pay, plus like 15% in education incentives (i.e. Master's Degree, Advanced POST Cert. etc. etc.) plus another 7% holiday pay. Do all those extra pay increases count? Also what about overtime? If OT counts can I technically work a crapload of OT my last three years and my pension be based upon that? What about FTO pay (5%) increase?

    Any answers will be appreciated.

    Also I googled the heck out of the questions and looked on CALPERS website, with no luck.

    Thanks in advance!

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    OT definitely doesn’t count. Afaik, the way it was explained in orientation last year, it’s just your base salary.


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      OT does not count, but the rest may or may not count, depending on your union contract and whether that contract was negotiated prior to all the changes in retirement law.

      For example, if education incentive ws negotiated as actual salary, it counts, but of it was negotiated as a separate bonus, it may not, again, depending on how the contract is written and whether things are grandfathered.

      Only your HR staff can tell you, or look in your MOU. It may spell out what does or doesn't count toward retirement.

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