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Whos taken the lapd medical?


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  • Whos taken the lapd medical?

    How’s it going everyone,

    Looking on some information of what test the LAPD administers to determine color vision. Would like to know how they administer and if it’s similar to the ishihara test or Farnsworth D-15. This was a battle of mine since 2013 and I’ve recently heard they switched out the test started 2018. If anyone out there can help me out I would greatly appreciate it!

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    I had to take the Ishihara test last month when I took my medical. only problem I had was with the depth perception test and the med staff put me on hold... I went ahead and did the same test with my optometrist and had no issues. If they try to catch you slipping with something in the medical just retake the same test with your private doctor and give them a copy of the results. It overrides whatever they say.


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      wait they failed you because of a depth perception test? that's dumb in my opinion. i know people that have failed them because they wear glasses but that was also due to amblyopia which in my opinion should never be the reason why they say you cant be a police officer
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    www.policebackground.net is LAPD specific and the forum members can answer all of your questions.
    Policebackground.net - Background investigation consulting & forums


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