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    Does anybody have any information on what it's like to work at San Mateo County Probation? I'm applying there, to Santa Clara Probation, and Santa Clara Sheriff. I am currently a probation officer in another Northern California County, but trying to get back to the South Bay Area. When I interviewed with Santa Clara Probation it did not seem very law enforcement-oriented, not sure about San Mateo Probation. The Sheriff would be great, but would be a totally new skill set, academy, FTO, and tougher transition than going to another probation department. My home is in San Jose, so San Mateo would be a commute, but might be worth it if the mentality/morale, etc. there is good. Thanks in advance for any advice people provide.

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    I’ve never worked for or with San Mateo Probation. Only dealt with them in passing as a fellow LEO regarding one of their “clients.” They seem very professional and law enforcement oriented. They all wear vests, duty belts and carry.

    I wouldnt recommend Santa Clara Probation. They are not LE oriented whatsoever. Most of their POs are not even allowed to carry. Afaik only their probation officers that deal with gang members carry. They don’t wear tactical gear either they work in street clothes.

    If you want to do sheriff you could. But like you said, it is a change.

    You could also check out Contra Costa and Alameda Probation. They don’t pay as much but they are fairly LE oriented. Alameda is also a bit closer than S.M. if you’re in San Jose.
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      Thank you very much for taking the time to respond and provide some insights. This is helpful information. Stay safe out there.


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