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CA State Parks in Crisis


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  • CA State Parks in Crisis

    In another thread I talked about these videos, they are an interesting watch about State Park Rangers. They are very well produced from their union and are great examples of quality education/PR.



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    Yea, $3,000 a month is unsustainable in a lot of California.

    It sounds like State Parks might need to merge with CHP, or otherwise disband the department and have the Counties handle those calls.
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      I would see a merger with fish and game more so than CHP. But who knows. Having three sheriff department handle calls for service would be more disastrous. Even LASD would have a hard time handling calls for service or provide the coverage needed during large events at the parks.

      I watched those videos and dang who would've thought they had such issued
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      It should be noted that any and all post that are made are based on my own thought and opinions. And are not related or implied to represent the department I work for.


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        It is well known that only the State Vehicle Recreation Area parks are the financial backbone of the State Park System. Every year their visitor numbers supersede most other parks combined and the SVRAs are always revenue generating, even in the recession. It would stand to reason then that more Rangers will be assigned there vs the State Beaches in San Mateo County, even though those beaches get crazy busy in the summer.

        Any merger (or disbandment) would require the State Legislature. The CHP could not handle those calls right now either, they are super short as well. And I couldn’t imagine how messed up it would be if given to the Counties, but who else has the responsibility? The State and Counties have this kinda mandate, cities do not.

        LASD did pick up that murder in that State Park in Malibu.


        And I was AMAZED that story didn’t make it into the videoes RPPOA made. As someone who was camping in that area in June of 2018, I was more than a little concerned.
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