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    Hello! First I would like to start off by saying thank you for taking the time to read this. I was wondering if I should be optimistic of a job in LE over bad vision? I got into the military and with a waiver and will be finishing my
    time out at the end of this year and have just applied to LASD and LAPD. I have 20-20 vision corrected with both eyes and my right eye is 20-20 as well. I was born with a thin irregular shaped cornea in my left eye and my corrected vision due to the cornea is still terrible 20-200+. Uncorrected my vision sucks completely. Soft shell contacts and any type of surgery is not an option unfortunately. Being that I’m only within standards medically with glasses and not uncorrected should I start looking to do something else since I may not get waived as I did for the military? Outside of this I have no significant issues. Decent at pt, one time experience with pot in hs 5+ years, college degree, 2 foreign languages. Thank you for your kind responses! Yes, I have contacted these agencies and am currently waiting to hear from medical and this post was to see what my peers think so I have a better expectation of what medical may say.

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    I can't speak to LASD and LAPD standards as theirs may be higher, but these are the vision standards set by California POST


    Take a look at them and see if they address your question. They not only tell you whst the standards are, but they explain the logic and basis behind them.

    Getting waivers from an agency is hard, because it creates a discriminatory standard of treatment that holds some people to one standard while ignoring it for others. Eventually someone will sue alleging discrimination and you have to abandon a standard that had a sound basis for creation in the first place. At the same time, if someone is injured or killed because someone was unable to perform because of their waivered handicap, lawsuits will follow for negligent hiring.
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      I appreciate the response and agree. I guess Corrections may be the only way I go LE. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

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