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    I just received my invite for Feb. 10, 2020 academy!
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    • sjagtar86
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      Congratulations! Let me know if you are unsure or has questions about anything.

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    Got my invite today. Here’s my final timeline:

    Golden Gate Divison

    Applied: 07/31/2018
    PAT: 10/06/2018
    Written: 10/06/2018
    Written Results: 10/23/2018
    eSOPH Notice: 10/31/2018
    Initial Interview: 02/19/2019
    CVSA: 03/07/2019
    Final Interview:05/31/2019
    Psych Written: 05/31/2019
    Medical exam: 06/01/2019
    Psych Oral: 07/30/2019
    Academy Invite: 11/26/2019
    Academy Start: 02/10/2020


    • sjagtar86
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      Congratulations! Let me know if you are unsure or has questions about anything.

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    Golden Gate / Valley Division

    Applied: 4/7/19
    PAT & Written: 6/1/19
    Written Results: 6/19/19 (Rank 3)
    eSOPH Open: 6/24/19
    eSOPH Closed: 7/15/19
    BI Contact: 7/16/19
    BI Orientation: 7/31/19
    Initial Interview (via phone): 9/3/19
    CVSA, Fingerprints, & Final Interview: 10/18/19
    Medical: 11/1/19
    Psych Written: 11/4/19
    Psych Oral: 12/4/19
    Cleared Psych & Medical: 12/20/19

    I took the written and PAT with Golden Gate Division. My background, medical and psych were handled by Valley Division.


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      Is anyone aware of a forum or Facebook group that allows posts for housing? I was looking to post a rental in the East Sacramento area for cadets coming to the academy next year to have a place for them/their family to stay. Thank you. (Sorry if this is not allowed I will delete)


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        Hello everyone, does anyone know how long it typically takes for an initial interview after you are assigned a background investigator? I was assigned one in October, but I haven't heard anything since. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

        Central Division

        Applied: 1/17/19
        PAT/Written: 4/28/19
        Passed Written: 5/16/19
        Rank 5: 5/28/19
        eSOPH Notice: 6/17/19
        Submitted eSOPH: 6/25/19
        Assigned BI: 10/16/19
        BIQ: 10/25/19
        Turned in Additional BIQ: 10/31/19
        Next step: TBD


        • sjagtar86
          sjagtar86 commented
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          Applied: 05/02/2017
          PAT: 09/23/2017 (Passed)
          Written: 09/24/2017
          Written Results: 10/12/2017 (Passed-Rank 6)
          Notice of PHS: 11/02/2017
          PHS Turned In: 11/26/2017
          Assigned BI: 01/10/18
          BIQ: 06/04/2018
          Initial Interview: 11/19/2018
          CVSA: 12/11/2018
          Final Interview: 12/19/2018
          Medical exam: 12/30/3018
          Psych Written: 01/03/2019
          Cleared Medical: 01/14/2019
          Psych Oral: 02/12/2019

          Here is how long it took me^

        • JG_CHP
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          The Central Division has the most applicants in the state and fills roughly 1/3 of all academy classes. (I’m sure your recruiter and/or BI has mentioned this) I’m from the Central Division as well. We tested on the same day. Based on your timeline, I’m a couple months behind you. My BIQ was on December 14, 2019 in Visalia. We were all informed that testing cycle 1-19 would be wrapped up before the end of January 2020. An estimated time frame was asked on how long our testing cycle would take to complete everyone’s background, and our BIs estimated four-five months. Keep in mind, our BI’s can not run all the background cases at once. Your case will be pulled soon, possibly even last from the stack. Patience is the name of the game, and the wait will be worth the reward. To keep my mind motivated, I have been taking advantage of the things I can currently control, such as: PT, aural brevity codes, mission, CHP PRIDE, etc... Take advantage of this wait time to get yourself in top tier shape and to sharpen your knowledge. Many divisions do not have this luxury, and their applicants will receive academy invites as early as six months from applying. I believe optimism is a great tool to possess. Hang in there and hopefully we will get through this process with successful results.
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        • SJM-CHP
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          Thanks for all of that information! Good luck in your steps.

        • JG_CHP
          JG_CHP commented
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          You are very welcome! A bit of advise, try to take advantage of every opportunity the Central Division offers to us applicants. I can not stress the importance of attending EVERY phase 2 and 3 classes, but most importantly the APP workouts. Try to make a religious effort to make these events. You will quickly realize where you stand on a physical standpoint with the APP workouts. The phase 2 and 3 classes will provide you with key items to study pre academy. Your BI and recruiter will definitely take note of all your effort and preparation. Best of luck!
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        Your timeline looks similar to mine from when you took the PAT and written and got your results. I was assigned a B.I in July and my group initial interview was about 2 weeks later from when I was assigned my B.I. But I've seen other timelines that they can take weeks or months. I'm currently waiting for a finally interview after doing the CVSA the beginning of November. I was reassigned B.I. first week of December and he reached out to me through email saying he was taking over my case and haven't heard back since. Since the holidays are over hopefully the process starts to pick up again and we hear back soon.


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          just getting started here.

          Applied: 04/30/2019

          PAT: 10/12/2019

          Written: 10/12/2019

          Written Results: 10/25/2019 (Passed-Rank 5)

          Notice of PHS: 11/01/2019

          Assigned BI: 11/26/19

          PHS Turned In: 11/21/2019

          Initial Interview: 01/14/2020

          CVSA: TBA

          Medical exam: TBA

          Psych Written: TBA

          Cleared Medical: TBA

          Psych Oral: TBA

          Cleared Psych: TBA

          Academy Invite: TBA


          • SJM-CHP
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            I hope it's going well still. Good luck.

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          For those of you who currently have academy invites and those who are in backgrounds, I stumbled across this online. I hope most of us use this as a great tool for success. Becoming a cadet is one step in the process. The ultimate goal is getting the badge and calling ourselves CHP officers.
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            Thanks for your timeline sjagtar86 I hope it's all going well for you in the academy. If I'm not mistaken, you graduate as an officer today! I hope it was all worth it and I can't wait for my chance. Good luck out in the field!


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              Does anyone know when invitations for the May 18th academy will be sent out? Going off previous classes, I estimate they will come out between March 9-13.


              • bgas27
                bgas27 commented
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                When I talked with CHU, they told me approximately mid March.

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              For those who are from the Central Division and in testing cycle 2-19, initial interviews are underway. I have recently received a notice to appear on 01/30/2020. If you haven’t already done so, begin gathering the PHS documents you scanned and have them neatly organized for your BI. I have a binder with individual clear inserts to place everything in. A good tool for success is to memorize the mission statement, the seven points of the badge, and CHP PRIDE prior to your interview. Most importantly be HONEST. Best of luck to everyone and try to remain patient. Here is my timeline so far:

              Central Division

              Applied: 02/14/2019
              PAT: 04/28/2019
              Written: 04/28/2019
              Written Results: 05/16/2019
              Background Orientation: 06/12/2019 (Visalia,CA)
              Notice of PHS: 06/17/2019
              PHS Turned In: 07/14/2019
              BIQ: 12/14/2019
              Initial Interview: 01/30/2020
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              • SJM-CHP
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                That's good to hear you're moving on to the next step. Hopefully it goes quickly after that.

              • JG_CHP
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                Thank you. Hopefully your initial interview comes soon as well.

              • SJM-CHP
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                Thank you!

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              Is it normal to come out of the initial interviewing feeling like you are going to be disqualified?


              • Big_Iron
                Big_Iron commented
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                Was this your initial background interview or the background orientation? Did your background investigator highlight any areas of concern? If there was anything disqualifying based on the background information you submitted in eSOPH or elsewhere, your background investigator would have let you know during the initial interview. The fact that you were not disqualified during the initial interview is a good sign. Of course, your BI will begin his/her investigation, but as long as everything in your packet matches his/her findings, you should be able to move forward. However, if there are any discrepancies, prepare to be asked about those.

                The background process can be stressful; I think most applicants feel/have felt the same way you do now. Until your BI tells you that you will be recommended to move forward, there is a degree of uncertainty regarding the final outcome. Being honest and upfront will go a long way in the process. CHP is very straightforward and unlike most agencies, will let you know exactly why you were disqualified.

              • Chrzzz20
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                Thank you Big_Iron!

                Yes, this was my initial background interview. No, he just asked for clarification on some of of my responses. I guess I just envisioned the initial background interview going differently.

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