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California Highway Patrol - 2019 Testing Cycle


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  • California Highway Patrol - 2019 Testing Cycle

    Here is the 2019 CHP thread. Feel free to post your timelines and ask away. Good luck to everyone in the process. Be sure to check out the other threads/testing cycles from other years. They contain lots of useful information. Your question may have been answered there.

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    Final timeline.

    Inland Division

    Physical: 2/17/18
    Written: 2/18/18
    Written Results: Rank 1
    PHS notice: 3/7/18
    Initial Interview: 6/19/18
    CVSA: 7/20/18
    Final interview: 9/4/17
    Medical: 9/11/18
    Written psych: 9/11/18
    Psych interview: 10/26/18
    Cleared Psych: 11/16/18
    Cleared Medical: 11/18(approx)
    Academy invite: 2/1/19


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      This is my final timeline for anyone interested. Feel free to ask any questions. If im able to, I'll be more than happy to help.

      Golden Gate/Valley Division

      *Applied* 08/08/2017
      *PAT* 10/21/2017
      *Written Test* 10/22/2017
      *Written Test Results* 11/06/2017
      *eSOPH Notice* 11/13/2017
      *Submitted eSOPH* 12/11/2017
      *Background Investigator Contact* 12/12/2017
      *Initial Interview/BIQ* 02/15/2018
      *Handwritten Questions* 03/12/2018
      *Reference Letters Sent Out* 05/22/2018
      *CVSA/Fingerprints* 06/05/2018
      *Investigative Interview* 06/19/2018
      *Final Interview/Psych Written* 06/22/2018
      *Medical Evaluation* 06/25/2018
      *Medical Results* 06/27/2018
      *Psych Oral* 09/17/2018
      *Psych Oral Results* 11/09/2018
      *Academy Invite* 01/17/2019 ACCEPTED!

      *Academy Start Date* 03/25/2019
      *Academy End Date* 10/04/2019
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      • 831H
        831H commented
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        How did they inform you of passing medical? I did mine 2 weeks ago and I haven’t heard anything.

        MISSION-CHP commented
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        S.c.o90 For the Investigative Interview, something came up in my background which was negatively impacting the chances of moving on in the hiring process. BE HONEST AT ALL TIMES! Cant stress this enough! Even if it looks and seems sooo insignificant, let them know about it. Honesty was what got me through the next step in the process. They will talk to everyone listed in your PHS.

        Also, keep in mind the my Initial Interview was a few months before my Final Interview. By the time I got to my CVSA or Investigative Interview, I believe most of my Background Investigation was done. Every division, BI, and applicant is different. For some it may be short because of his/her life experience. Its all on a case by case basis. Looking at your timeline, I do believe your moving on pretty quick! Hang in there.
        Last edited by MISSION-CHP; 02-13-2019, 09:23 PM.

        MISSION-CHP commented
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        831H I received an email from the place where I did my medical. I also called the Cadet Hiring Unit 5 weeks after just to confirm what was stated on that email. You can reach The CHU at (916)843-3760

      • S.c.o90
        S.c.o90 commented
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        Wow! I didn't know that was a thing. Good on you for being honest and congrats for making it through to the next step!

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      I feel like my progress has moved at a pretty good pace! I'm really hoping for a Q3 or Q4 invite

      Golden Gate Division

      APPLIED: 06/24/2018
      PAT: 10/06/2018
      WRITTEN: 10/06/2018
      RESULTS/ RANK: 60.5, Rank 1 - 10/30/2018
      esoph NOTICE: 11/1/2018
      PHS SUBMITTED: 11/21/2018
      BIQ/ ORIENTATION: 1/6/19
      CVSA: 1/30/19
      MEDICAL: tbd
      PSYCH WRITTEN: tbd


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        Golden Gate Division

        Applied: 3/7/18
        PAT: 5/5/18
        Written: 5/6/18
        Results: 6/1/18 Rank 2
        Esoph notice: 6/8/18
        PHS Submitted: 6/24/18
        Orientation: 8/27/18
        Initial Interview: 9/21/18
        CVSA: 12/14/18
        Final Interview: 12/20/18
        Psych Written: 1/29/18
        Medical: 1/30/18
        Psych Interview: TBD


        • #6
          PAT: 09/23/17
          WRITTEN: 09/24/17
          RESULTS: 10/04/17
          RANK: 10/12/17 (Rank 5)
          ESOPH NOTICE: 11/02/17
          PHS SUBMITTED: 11/24/17
          BIQ: 01/25/18
          INITIAL INTERVIEW: 08/13/2018
          CVSA/FINGERPRINTS: 09/14/2018
          FINAL INTERVIEW: 10/25/2018
          MEDICAL: 10/29/2018
          PSYCH WRITTEN: 11/01/2018
          PSYCH ORAL: 01/08/2018
          CLEARED PSYCH: 01/28/2019
          ACADEMY INVITE: Waiting.....


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            JaySS We are in the same boat. Finished my Psych Oral 14JAN19. My BI isn't so sure about me getting a March invite so maybe sometime this summer.


            • JaySS
              JaySS commented
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              I spoke with CHU, I was told that there are too many applicants ahead of me. I was also told that next academy is sometime in July. I’m not sure if they’ll keep the academy size the same or push it back down to 50. All we can do is, study and workout to make our first few weeks easy.

            • GGD_CHP
              GGD_CHP commented
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              CTC II-19 07/08/2019 - 01/24/2020, look for classes to start at about 100 - 125 cadets. 50 is a graduating class size, not a starting class size.

            • bay1199
              bay1199 commented
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              Yes looks like we have a few months to get our running in. I'm just grateful to know we made it through the process. I just wish we were lucky enough to start in the Spring when temps are pretty mild! Let me know if you're in the Bay Area. I work out with a few of the guys at outside of the APP

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            Valley Division:

            Applied: 10/22/2017
            PAT: 1/13/2018
            Written: 1/13/2018
            Written Results: 2/2/2018
            T-Score Results: 2/12/2018

            Background Submission (eSOPH)
            Opened: 2/23/2018
            Closed: 3/16/2018

            Initial Interview: 6/27/2018
            CVSA: 7/24/2018
            Final Interview: 10/10/2018
            Fingerprints: 10/10/2018
            Written Psych: 10/10/2018
            Medical: 10/19/2018
            Oral Psych: 12/11/2018

            Passed Psych and Medical: 1/8/2019
            Academy Invite: TBD
            Academy Date: TBD


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              CENTRAL DIVISION

              Applied: 05/02/2017
              PAT: 09/23/2017 (Passed)
              Written: 09/24/2017
              Written Results: 10/12/2017 (Passed-Rank 6)
              Notice of PHS: 11/02/2017
              PHS Turned In: 11/26/2017
              Assigned BI: 01/10/18
              BIQ: 06/04/2018

              Initial Interview: 11/19/2018
              CVSA: 12/11/2018
              Final Interview: 12/19/2018
              Medical exam: 12/30/3018

              Psych Written: 01/03/2019
              Cleared Medical: 01/14/2019
              Psych Oral: 02/12/2019
              Academy Invite: Waiting
              Last edited by sjagtar86; 02-16-2019, 05:06 PM.


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