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Some advice from a recent hire


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  • Some advice from a recent hire

    Been away for more than a year since I was hired and then sworn at LASD. Two things I would have liked to have known while I was in the process:

    -Apply to multiple places. There are qualified people who for some reason sometimes don't make it through, would be a shame if you had no other applications going. Remember, you can always lateral over to your "dream" agency once you're hired.

    -Don't rule out smaller departments. Sure there are good things about the large ones, but smaller ones can offer different qualities as well.

    -I can't speak about all departments, but in terms of how you want to physically prepare for LASD academy, this is it:
    -Be able to run at least 6 miles straight, at a 9 minute pace maximum, ideally better. And if you haven't been running a lot recently, freaking pace yourself! Each week just add a little more to your mileage. If you do too much, you can get shin splints, and those are slow to heal. I'm prone to them, and got through the academy fine by training my body to run on pavement. I would run twice a week only, and got my mileage up to 7 miles by very slowly each week adding more distance. You go too quick on this and if you're prone to them, you're risking it.
    -Practice sprinting laps on a track, as well as running pace. This part of the training was harder than the long distance running for us. Best way to do this would probably be run like 3-5 miles in one session, one lap run it out, next jog, etc etc.
    -Pull ups, sit ups, push ups!, scissor kicks, mountain climbers. Burpees, sprawls
    -If you're a female, consider practicing getting up a six foot wall now, if you have access to something like that now. I've heard of females failing the academy because of this. It can be done by almost anyone just requires technique.
    -A way I trained, which I recommend, was doing a set of 3x non stop cycle of aerobic like exercises: max push ups, sit ups, scissor kicks, mountain climbers, burpees, etc. 3x, back to back, no breaks. Gets your endurance high.
    -Getting big and muscular at the gym prior to the academy, would be a personal choice. I can tell you right now it won't help you, as it's not strength training. I had actually made some gains prior to going in, and lost it all, because I got paranoid about getting an injury outside of the academy. I wanted to only have to go through the academy one time!
    -This is optional but might be a benefit later on: consider going against a punching bag with gloves on now, as you'll do it in the academy a bunch of times.

    That's it for now. If you have questions regarding the academy I can try to help.

    Now I'm moving onto the next chapter. Go from custody to patrol, get patrol signed off, and then one day hopefully be able to work in the cyber crimes dpt as a detective, and put my background in computer programming to good use. Will be a long journey to get there though.
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    Good post with great advice!


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      Very helpful! A good friend of mine just graduated from LASD's recent class. Good luck on your future goals!


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        Thanks for the advice man, lots of hopefuls on this forum and good luck with your career.


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          After clearing backgrounds what’s your agencies policy on filing bankruptcy?


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