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Illegal folks can't own guns.....


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  • Illegal folks can't own guns.....

    Judges got something right
    Appeals Court Upholds Law Barring Illegal Immigrants From Owning Guns

    A law barring immigrants who are in the country without authorization from owning guns does not violate the Second Amendment, a federal appeals court decided Tuesday.

    I'd rather be judged by 12 rather carried by 6.

    It should be noted that any and all post that are made are based on my own thought and opinions. And are not related or implied to represent the department I work for.

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    If only the illegal aliens would follow the law....

    Here is a case where a multiple time deport illegal alien sex offender with prior convictions for PC 288 (Lewd and Lascivious acts with a minor), Fraud, Drug Trafficking with a firearm, DUI and shortly before he murdered almost his entire family he was arrested twice for Domestic violence (and convicted once) and barred from possessing a firearm. Local authorities failed/refused to notify ICE in the months prior to this horrific crime. Look how the media calls him a Northern California man. He was a criminal illegal alien with multiple deportations and even served time for illegal re-entry.

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      Hey now...Newsom needs those voters.
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        While this seems like a no brainer, I have to ask why stop there? Why do ANY of the Bill of Rights apply to them?

        Based on the wording of the 14th Amendment, the States have to provide basic legal protections around search and seizure but I could see that changing too.
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          Wow, what a crazy ruling!! I mean illegals are treated better than an actual tax paying citizen. They get state tuition rates in college, free food through food stamps, free schooling for their children, free legal representation, lenient criminal justice system when they commit more crimes after entering the country and Newsom is gonna give them free healthcare. Man, I wish I was illegal.

          All this totally makes sense. But this ruling not so much!!

          (Sarcasm off).


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            Illegal Immigrants and illegal firearms. It's a double negative, so it cancels out. All good, nothing to see here


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