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Background packet / underage sex


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  • Background packet / underage sex

    Hey everyone, first post here.
    I’m currently on the road to becoming an LE and was recently disqualified and couldn’t think of the reason why.
    I have no misdemeanor, felonies, Or any type of charge for that matter except one speeding ticket 4 years ago.

    However, my focus was on the question “have you ever slept with a minor”. I admitted that when i was 19 i slept with a 17 year old at a party. I didn’t know her age until after.
    My question is, could that prevent me from becoming a cop forever? This was 7 years ago.
    And also, can i get in trouble for admitting this? I’m obviously keeping my packet 101% truthful .
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    That could be statutory rape...
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      It’s called Unlawful Intercourse, not statutory rape. Penal Code section 261.5, and with this set of facts is a misdemeanor. Also, it is a non-registerable offense.

      The only way to know exactly what flunked you is to ask the background investigator or recruiting officer.

      Further, were you disqualified on your background, or just not selected for hire? Agencies are free to pick the combination of qualifications, psychological profile and personality that is the best fit for them. Maybe you weren’t just right for that shop.
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        ICYMI, a non registrable offense means you do not qualify for Penal Code 290 (mandatory sex offender registration). California likes to remind those who have made poor choices in life with an annual “check in” conveniently timed around the Offender’s Birthday....for the rest of your natural life.
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