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CA Dept of Public Health Investigator?


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  • CA Dept of Public Health Investigator?

    Hi everyone,

    I got out of the military about two years ago intending to go directly into law enforcement, but ended up pursuing a bachelor's degree in Biology instead. I still have an interesting in working in law enforcement, specifically in an investigative capacity, and I recently found out that CDPH hires POST-certified investigators. I thought this would be a really great opportunity to look into to utilize my Biology degree and law enforcement interest.

    Unfortunately, there is practically no information online about these positions. I was wondering if anyone had information about these positions; specifically duties, morale, hiring, etc.


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    you mean a food and drug investigator?

    They are armed! And 830.3(f). Their pay is low for being assigned to Santa Clara County...even with locality pay. It’s still low.

    my guess is you are covered with DOJ SAs and ABC Investigators
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      It sounds like they go after folks who sell cigarettes to kids.


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        From what I know about them they are a fairly small group that mostly does regulatory and administrative investigations, some criminal investigations related to public health. They will send you to an academy, most likely a specialized investigator academy. I would compare them to the feds version of FDA office of criminal investigation. A lot of the folks I know don’t end up staying very long instead opting to transfer to other state agencies such as insurance, ABC, DCA and Ca DOJ.


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          Another option with your background might be the Ca Dept of Toxic Substances Control. They are the state version of feds EPA criminal investigations. Very small group prob about 8 investigators statewide, but their cases seem interesting.


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            Thank you to everyone for the replies. Insightful and some things to certainly consider!


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              I doubt they do much in the area of criminal investigations. You may want to reach out and meet with somebody actually in the job to see if what they do matches what you want to do . In California many agencies employ criminal investigators who perform primarily administrative investigations of businesses that they regulate. A few, such as ABC, DMV, and DOI, do as much criminal work as they do administrative work. Many do very little criminal work but they retain the peace officer status in their ranks because criminal investigations allow them to obtain search warrants to compel evidence that can't be obtained in a civil only investigation. A DTSC or CDPH investigator might write warrants for a criminal investigation knowing the DA won't touch the case later with the idea that the evidence will be used in an administrative filing later.

              Administrative filings typically result in fines and actions against a business license or a specialized license held by an employee. Doctors, nurses, and other professions are not covered by CDPH so you would not be investigating them specifically.
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                I can't speak for any other state agency, but as far as the Department of Insurance, Fraud Division cases they are all criminal. Our enforcement branch is made up of two divisions. The Investigation Division handles consumer complaints against licensees which are primarily administrative cases but can rise to a criminal case on occasion. The Fraud Division handles fraudulent claims which in California are penal code violations. We have grant funded DA's that handle our cases specifically
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                  Does the Department of Insurance accept the CA POST Waiver?

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