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Scoliosis, Hypothyroidism and minor Hypertension...


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  • Scoliosis, Hypothyroidism and minor Hypertension...

    Hey all,

    Has anyone ever heard of an applicant being disqualified for any of the conditions that I listed above?? The Hypothyroidism and hypertension are under control and don't affect my life at all really. The Scoliosis was diagnosed when I was like 6-7 yrs old and I never did anything about it and it hasen't affected me at all. I can squat 350 lbs without any pain or anything. Do they normally test for these conditions? I know that I have to list them before I go in for a medical eval. So what do you guys think???



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    I say don't shoot yourself in the foot. It sounds like you do not have these ailments right now as an adult or anymore. If I were you I would see my personal doctor and explain to him or her that I was seeking employment with a law enforcement agency and before I apply I would like to be tested for these ailments as I have once been diagnosed or believe I have these ailments. I don't know much about the listed ailments but you understand what I am saying. Confirm you have them first. If you don't then don't list it, if you do then only list the ones you have.


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      Maybe I Can Be Of Assistance

      You Need To Visit The Post.ca.gov And Look At The Requirements And Guidelines Under Your Ailment, Scoliosis. It Is Discussed In Detail And It May Or May Not Pertain To You. As For High Blood Pressure As Long As You Have It Under Control Whether That Be Thru Diet And Exercise And Or Meds Thats Your Decision.


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        My hypothyroidism caused me to skip an academy till I got it to normal levels with medication. Once that happened it hasn't been an issue.


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