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California Highway Patrol-2018 Testing Cycle


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  • Border Division

    APPLIED: 06/2/2018
    PAT: 10/14/2018
    WRITTEN: 10/15/2018
    RESULTS : 10/25/2018 T-score 66.7
    RANK : 10/30/2018 Rank 3
    esoph NOTICE: TBA

    Hello everybody! When should I expect my esoph notice?
    Does rank make much of a difference, or specifically does it make a difference in the border division?


    • Julz209
      Julz209 commented
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      I received my ESOPH notice about 5 days after my test results. however, I was in the Valley Division. Good luck in the process, patience is key!

  • Hello everyone. So I called CHU last week and was informed that I cleared Psych. Congrats to everyone that has cleared everything and good luck to everyone currently in the process. So far its been a little over a year since I did the written and physical testing so yes, it does take a while.

    Does anyone have any information on the next academy class?


    • GGD_CHP
      GGD_CHP commented
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      12/03/18, 03/18/19

  • Hello everyone. I’m glad I found this forum. I can say I have already learned a lot reading through posts. I have applied through border division

    APPLIED: 8/5/2018
    PAT: 10/13/2018
    WRITTEN: 10/14/2018
    RESULTS: Rank 1, 10/30/2018
    esoph NOTICE: Waiting
    Academy Invite: TBA

    Look forward to learning more and getting to know everyone along the way. And hopefully seeing some of you at academy!


    • Good Evening Guys,

      I received a call this morning from CHU that there was a spot that had opened up for the December Academy and if I wanted to fill it, so of course I said yeah! It’s been a long road, but now I have my chance! I’ll be looking forward to meeting the individuals who will be going in December! Good Luck to everyone in the process and have patience! Your time will come! Here is my Final Timeline:

      Central Division

      Applied: 11/30/2016
      PAT: 5/20/2017 (Passed)
      Written: 5/21/2017
      Written Results: 6/5/2017 (Passed-Rank 5)
      Notice of PHS: 7/25/2017
      PHS Turned In: 8/20/2017
      Assigned BI: 10/10/17
      BIQ: 2/9/2018
      Reference Letters:3/16/18
      Initial Interview:6/13/18
      Final Interview: 7/16/18
      Medical exam: 7/17/18
      Psych Written: 7/19/18
      Psych Oral: 9/18/18
      Psych Results: 9/25/18 (Passed)
      Academy Invite: 11/9/18
      Academy Start Date: December 3, 2018 CTC IV-18
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      • GMPP
        GMPP commented
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        Wow you got your psych results pretty fast. I took mine 10/26 and haven't heard anything. Called CHU at the two week mark and they said nothing yet. Just hoping I'm not waiting all this time to get DQd

      • Tahoelivin
        Tahoelivin commented
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        Nice! I was hoping for this to happen to me! I cleared psych on 9/28 so it could happen! Regardless, good luck and I’ll in most cases be seeing you come March!

    • Very Nice! Congrats


    • Hello everyone! It has been very informative looking at other people's timeline so finally posting my timeline. Now just dreading the passing of the psych oral since you can't really prepare for it besides being completely honest and trustworthy. Hopefully medical today will be fine and after clearing, can set a date for the psych oral!


      APPLIED: 12/07/2017

      PAT: 01/27/2018

      WRITTEN: 01/28/2018

      Notification of RESULTS: 02/15/2018

      Notification of Translated SCORE and RANK: 02/21/2018; Rank 6

      eSOPH NOTICE: 02/23/2018

      PHS SUBMITTED: 03/18/2018

      INITIAL INTERVIEW: 03/28/2018

      CVSA: 06/07/2018

      PSYCH WRITTEN and FINGERPRINTS: 06/12/2018

      FINAL INTERVIEW: 11/07/2018

      MEDICAL: 11/11/2018


      Academy Invite: TBD

      Good luck to everyone in their process!


      • I just took my CVSA today and was told the December class has been filled. She let me know the next class would be in Feb/March.

        I see it usually takes a month or so to hear back after the CVSA. Is this done by email or a call from your BI?
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        • Great news! Just accepted my invitation for the December class. Somebody dropped out and they needed to fill the position and I was next on the list. Good luck with every one of their process and I'll see you guys in December.

          There's a group message for the December class with somebody message me and please add me or tell me how to get added. Thanks!


          • kevson
            kevson commented
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            Congrats on the invite!! What division are you out of? There are a few different chats going on, so try hooking up with your division.

          • tthornton1991
            tthornton1991 commented
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            I'm out of Central Division

          • kevson
            kevson commented
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            I just sent you a PM.

        • Golden Gate Division

          APPLIED: 10/03/2017

          PAT: 10/21/2017

          WRITTEN: 10/22/2017

          RESULTS/ RANK 6: 11/06/2017

          ESOPH NOTICE: 11/13/2017

          PHS SUBMITTED: 12/04/2017

          BI/ ORIENTATION: 01/30/2018

          INITIAL INTERVIEW: 01/30/2018

          CVSA: 04/10/2018

          FINAL INTERVIEW: 05/30/2018

          MEDICAL EVALUATION: 07/09/2018

          PSYCH WRITTEN: 06/14/2018

          PSYCH EVALUATION: 08/21/2018

          ACADEMY INVITE: 11/13/14

          I just found out yesterday that I will be attending the December academy!


          • EMT1911
            EMT1911 commented
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            I know there is a group for those who are in the December Academy. Can someone message me so I can be added into the group. Thank you

        • Quick question, how is the PAT scored? Is it pass/fail?



          • Thakur53
            Thakur53 commented
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            Yes, Pass/Fail test.

        • Quick update on my progress. Background orientation is next week.

          Southern Division

          APPLIED: 07/31/2018
          PAT: 09/29/2018
          WRITTEN TEST: 09/30/2018
          WRITTEN RESULTS: 10/23/2018 (Total T-score = 65.00)
          eSOPH NOTICE: 10/25/2018
          RANK RESULTS: 10/30/2018 (Rank 3)
          PHS SUBMITTED: 11/15/2018
          BACKGROUND ORIENTATION: 11/26/2018

          Also had a question I was hoping someone who has been through the entire process could answer. I plan on being clean shaven and in a business suit for orientation and every time I meet with a B.I. (first interview, CVSA, etc). Were you in a suit at every step in the process? And what about for the home visit and psych evaluations? What's the recommended dress code?


          • CHPTP
            CHPTP commented
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            Im currently in backgrounds in Southern Division and have already completed the CVSA. Best advice I can give you is always be clean shaven and always wear a suit and tie. For my first interview at my house, I wasn't sure about the attire but went with a suit and tie. It is also okay to ask what the attire is before an event.

          • Etor91
            Etor91 commented
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            I’m heading up in December and I’m out of southern. Always be in a suit and clean shaven. Although I didn’t have a home visit I would have been in a suit then too. It’s always better to be over dressed than under dressed.

            But like the other guy said it’s not a problem if you ask the investigator what the dress attire should be but most likely they’ll always tell you business attire.

            P.s pretty sure you know this but I saw some guys do this at my orientation so I’ll say it anyway, don’t just wear slacks and a button up. Buy an actual suit or they’ll chew you out for it. And make sure your car has no violations (front license plate, no front tinted windows, tags up to date) cause they will inspect during your background orientation.

            If you have any other specific questions feel free to message me.

            Hope that helps. Good luck!

          • CaliLove55
            CaliLove55 commented
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            CHPTP Etor91 Thank you both for the responses. Very helpful. And yup, they were pretty clear about their dress code standards on the days of the PAT and written test. Some people showed up in wife beaters, with full heads of hair and beards, in jeans, etc. One individual even showed up in a tie dye shirt, you can imagine how it went for that poor soul. So I was definitely going to be in a suit and tie but was not as sure about the home visit and the appointments where a BI would not be present. Thanks again, and good luck in the academy Etor91 !

        • Good Luck everyone coming in December! We can’t wait for you guys to get here! The academy is tough, study, workout, and sleep while you can now because you won’t get much sleep once you are here. STAY MOTIVATED!!!


          • Good evening applicants and future cadets. It seem as if everyone is making good progress with their process. I apologize for the late replies to some of your messages. I’ve been extremely busy but I’ll be on here for the next couple of days to answer any of your questions. I’m extremely proud of each and one of you. Feel free to send me a PM about the hiring process and life at the academy. Good luck to everyone and happy holidays!


            • Sup y'all! Here's my current timeline:

              Golden Gate Division

              APPLIED: 06/2018
              PAT: 10/06/2018
              WRITTEN: 10/06/2018
              RESULTS/ RANK: Rank 1 - 10/30/2018
              esoph NOTICE: 11/1/2018
              PHS SUBMITTED: 11/21/2018
              ASSIGNED BACKGROUND INVEST.: 11/27/2018
              BIQ/ ORIENTATION: tbd
              INITIAL INTERVIEW: tbd
              CVSA: tbd
              FINAL INTERVIEW: tbd
              MEDICAL: tbd
              PSYCH WRITTEN: tbd
              PSYCH INTERVIEW: tbd

              Anyone know what I should expect with that first interview with my background investigator? I should be meeting with him next week.


              • Etor91
                Etor91 commented
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                Lol sorry, I responded in a new post. It’s below this.
                Any other questions feel free to ask.

            • -arrive in a suit(make sure it’s a suit)
              -make sure your vehicle has no violations.
              -take something to write on and write with.
              -they’ll go over the process and your background packet(what to add or change)
              -signing paperwork
              -you’re given about a week to resubmit your packet and change or add anything if you had to. If not, you resubmit the same thing.
              -you may ask any questions you have to your investigator.

              P.S make sure you have your original documents you uploaded like your diploma, transcripts, passport etc. because at your first initial interview you’ll need to present them to your investigator.

              Any other questions feel free to ask!

              Hope that helps! Good luck!


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