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  • All,

    I spoke with CHU recently and asked about invites and I was told that the class size was still being determined, and that invites would not be sent until the number was finalized. The ETA given for the class size number decision was either this week or next, with invites going out shortly after.

    Hang in there everyone.

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    • Mrjay
      Mrjay commented
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      Appreciate the heads up! Do you know if the start date is in fact December 3rd?

    • kevson
      kevson commented
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      I cannot say for certain; there was no information provided regarding date when I spoke to them. It does seem like other members have stated pretty confidently that Dec 3 is the start date they were told.

  • Invites just went out! Start date is December 3rd.


    • GGD_CHP
      GGD_CHP commented
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      Dang, almost as if I knew what I was talking about!

    • USN_CHP
      USN_CHP commented
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      Accepted my invite!!!

    • Mrjay
      Mrjay commented
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      How did I not see when you wrote the dates! My mistake.

  • Congratulations to everyone that received their offers today. You better start ramping up your preparation!


    • I just called CHU and was told that I passed my Medical! I was also told that I wasn’t in the initial group of invitations. Lastly I was told that the next group of invitations will be sent out in the next 30 days.


      • Valley Division
        Applied: 3/19/17
        PAT: 6/10/17
        Written: 6/11/17 (Rank 4)

        PHS Notice: 6/29/17
        PHS Submitted: 7/21/17
        BIQ: 9/18/17
        CVSA: 3/7/18
        Final Interview: 4/12/18
        Psych Written: 4/12/18
        Medical: 4/20/18

        Psych Interview: 5/31/18
        Academy Invite: 9/13/18

        Good luck everyone!


        • I just got my invite!!!!!


          • MISSION-CHP
            MISSION-CHP commented
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            Congrats Brother!!!

        • Just got my invite! Accepting it Monday


          • 92_chris
            92_chris commented
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            Did you receive it via email?

          • Semperfi671
            Semperfi671 commented
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            yup, got it via emal

        • Just received my invite earlier today! Here is my timeline. Congrats to everyone who got their invite! Good luck to everyone still in the process. The wait is worth it!

          Applied: 12/20/16

          Physical: 6/10/17

          Written: 6/11/17

          Written Results: 6/20/17 Rank 6

          PHS notice: 6/29/17

          Initial Interview: 8/28/17

          CVSA: 2/19/18

          Final interview: 4/9/18

          Written psych: 4/9/18

          Medical: 4/12/18

          Psych interview: 5/17/18 passed 06/14/18

          Academy invite: 09/13/18

          Start date: 12/03/18


          • First time posting. It has taken a few years for me to get to this point in the process.

            central division

            applied - 10/5/16
            physical - 1/7/17
            written - 1/8/17 rank:6
            esoph - 5/9/17
            BIQ - 11/6/17
            initial interview -1/2/18
            CVSA - 3/13/18

            final interview - 5/25/18
            medical - 6/5/18
            written psych - 7/19/18
            psych interview - 8/27/18
            academy invite - 9/13/18
            academy starts December 3

            good luck to everybody in the process


            • Accepted my invite last Thursday! Congratulations to everyone that received an invite, see you all in about 2 months.

              Applied: Feb 2017
              PAT: May 2017
              Written: May 2017
              PHS Submitted: Aug 2017
              BIQ: Oct 2017
              Initial interview: March 2018
              CVSA: March 2018
              Final Interview: April 2018
              Medical Exam: April 2018
              Psych Written: April 2018
              Psych Oral: July 2018
              Academy Invite: September 13, 2018


              • Hey y’all!

                So as of now this seems to be the list of those accepted into the December academy:
                1. Etor91
                2. USN_CHP
                3. Mrjay
                4. Semperfi671
                5. B_CHP
                6. ChrisCFresno
                7. eecs94
                If I missed anyone just repost and add your name!

                Also, I am going to create a Groupme chat so we can help each other out leading up to the academy. PM me your numbers.

                Congrats and see you all soon!


                • GMPP
                  GMPP commented
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                  Hoping to get there with you guys. Just took my psych written and medical a week ago.

                • Tahoelivin
                  Tahoelivin commented
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                  I second GMPP, scheduled for psych oral next Thursday! Hoping the turn around is quick and there’s a spot still open in December!! Congrats to you all!

              • Any tips for the Psych oral? Extremely nervous about it. I was DQd earlier this year from another department during the psych. I know what I did there, I analyzed the test way too much and answered how too perfect. This one I showed a lot more flaws but still nervous.


                • B_CHP
                  B_CHP commented
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                  I feel like the best advise is to just be yourself. Remember why you worked so hard to get to this point. Good luck!

                • Thakur53
                  Thakur53 commented
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                  From what I have heard your answers should be consistent with the information you have put down on your personal history, autobiography essay, etc. Good luck!

              • Congrats to all who received invites! Currently waiting on Psych Oral to be scheduled, it’s been about 8 weeks since I took the written. Does anyone know what “Impending pass BI” specifically means? Have I officially passed BI or is it getting reviewed and then a decision will be made? Any feedback helps! Thanks!


                • CHPTP
                  CHPTP commented
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                  Whoops, miss read the post

              • Good luck and congrats to everyone going to the academy. It is stressful, and FTO is even more stressful. But the day you're finally alone, it's all worth it. Do your best to prepare. You don't want to be that guy or gal who did the bare minimum physically. You'll make a name for yourself and the academy does a pretty good job of getting rid of the weak links. Remind yourselves every day why you're there.


                • Central Division

                  Applied: 4/25/17
                  PAT/Pellet B: 5/20/17
                  Test Results: Rank 1
                  PHS turned in: 8/20/17
                  BIQ: 10/26/17
                  Initial Interview: 1/11/18
                  CVSA: 2/1/18

                  FINAL INTERVIEW: 06/29/18
                  MEDICAL: 07/02/18
                  PSYCH WRITTEN: 07/13/18
                  PSYCH INTERVIEW: 9/7/18

                  I passed everything and talked to CHU and they said that the December Academy is full so i will see you guys in either February or March.

                  Good Luck to everyone!


                  • Thakur53
                    Thakur53 commented
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                    It usually takes a while to get the psych oral interview results back! You got response very quicklily? Anyways congrats man!

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