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Hearing aid test?


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  • Hearing aid test?

    Hi I wanted to asked a question for all agency for California mainly southern but I lost some of my hearing in the military in my left ear 10%(ringing of the ear) and wanted to know the process if and when I fail the hearing test for medical because I failed lapd hearing test and now waiting on my appeal from them to see what the next process is. Also, is there any agencies that are less strict on hearing tests? thank you in advance.

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    I can't speak for LAPD, but this details the hearing standards most California agencies abide by and it explains the logic supporting those standards.


    You cannot base a successful appeal on the fact that you really want the job, or think you would do good in it in spite of your condition, or that disqualifying you just isn't fair. There are only two grounds on which you may successfully base an appeal. The first is that a mistake was made in testing and that you do meet the stated criteria. The second ground is that the testing standards that must be met do not have a reasonable relationship to the duties of the job and are therefore discriminatory. That issue is addressed by the justifications in the above publication.

    Print out the above publication, take it to your audiologist and ask him to read it. Then ask him to pretend he is a physician who is employed by the police department and being paid to look out for their interests and not yours. Finally, ask him if he would approve you for hiring based on those standards, knowing what he does about your condition. That will give you an idea as to where you really stand.
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      Take the HINT test because I failed LAPD hearing test at first and took the HINT test and I passed.


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        I too have high frequency hearing loss from the military. I recently went through a medical and was referred to the HINT which I passed.
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          I have high frequency hearing loss in one ear. I took the HINT test before I even applied anywhere to make sure I wasn't wasting my time applying.


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