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    I am currently writing to understand the amount of time it takes an appeal for a preliminary background investigation, also the probable out come. I submitted a letter of appeal and a combination of 5 reference letters from military officers and military senior enlisted personnel, I also have 10 years of military experience after the results of the preliminary background. I wondering if anyone knows how long it takes to find out wither my appeal was approved or denied? With my appeal letter and letter of references, will my case be positive for admitting the use of marijuana and steroids almost 10 years ago?

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    Did the drug use take place while you were in the military?
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      No, all the drug use was during high school from 2003-2004(steroids and marijuana) . I currently in the military and have been going on for 10 years.


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        Did you inject steroids? How many cycles did you admit to? Agencies have guidelines as to drug usage. LAPD has become very strict on their backgrounds, if you surpassed the amount of usage per their guidelines, regardless how long ago, then appealing it would be useless.

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          I did inject and I omitted only to doing one, I only did one.


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            go to policebackground.net and ask on there. That site is mainly all LAPD
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              Originally posted by MP43 View Post
              I did inject and I omitted only to doing one, I only did one.
              FWIW, there are generally only two basis for appeals to a civil service commission for a background DQ. The first is that you did not do what you are accused of. The could mean the background investigation was shoddy or incomplete, the BI made a mistake, a witness lied, new information is available that clarifies the situation, etc.

              The second basis is that the criteria used to DQ you has no reasonable relationship to the the position you are seeking. A good example of improper criteria is disqualifying an applicant for a position digging ditches because he doesn't know how to build a bird bath.

              To be successful in your appeal you must demonstrate that:

              1. You did not use drugs

              2. You did not lie about or omit your use of drugs during the background investigation process

              If you can't do that, in the alternative you must demonstrate that:

              1. Prohibiting a past history of drug use has no reasonable relationship to the position of a peace officer and is an unreasonable requirement.

              2. Prohibiting untruthfulness (lying/omissions) has no reasonable relationship to the position of a peace officer and is an unreasonable requirement.

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