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Taking POST Recertification Course w/o 3-year break in service


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  • Taking POST Recertification Course w/o 3-year break in service

    I graduated from a California POST Basic Academy in 2009 and was hired as a Level I Reserve Officer with a California POST agency in 2012. I've recently begun applying to departments for a full time position as an Academy Graduate (since my Academy Certificate is still valid as long as I continue to meet my monthly Reserve commitment and CPT training).

    But as of yet, I've been unable to find a department willing to hire me. Either I don't make it past the Oral Boards; or when I do pass the oral, they tell me "Thank you for you interest but we have decided not proceed with you into backgrounds. Good luck to you."

    They never tell me the reason why I was not chosen. And since I have nothing in my background that would disqualify me (since I'm currently serving as a peace officer), I'm left to guess the reason why I was passed over.

    Perhaps they keep finding other candidates more attractive than me; or they prefer green recruits fresh out of the academy that they feel they can coach more easily (as opposed to someone like me who they perhaps believe might be salty and have a set way of doing things).

    And before anyone asks, no I don't have the option of lateral transfer to a full time position in my current department. They don't have any mechanism for reserves to transfer to full time, so I can't lateral transfer. And they don't accept external academy certificates because they have their own in-house academy, so I can't apply as an academy graduate. To become a full time officer at the department I'm currently working, I would have to quit the reserves and apply as an entry level and do their entire 8-month academy.

    So here's my question. Do I have the option of voluntarily taking the POST Recertification Course even though I have not had a 3-year break in service?

    If only to show that A: I am up to speed on recent legal updates and perishable skill training; and B: that I am willing to go far above and beyond what is required of me by POST in order to get hired.

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    How did you get hired as a reserve if your agency doesn't accept outside academies?
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      Originally posted by CCCSD View Post
      How did you get hired as a reserve if your agency doesn't accept outside academies?
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        That would be a waste of time. As to is it possible? Call POST. They may not issue a certification that isn't needed.
        If you're not getting hired, it is probably you. You may be coming across as "salty".


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          I would imagine you have a level 1 reserve certificate. Now I do know guys have getting hired on as a reserve at another department and then eventually getting hired full time. although technically you've been hired within the 3 years window with no break you might have to do the recertification course. Call post and ask them. Only 2 groups can tell you the correct answer A) the department you want to work for and B) POST
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            There is no reason for you to take that course. Waste of time and money. If you are an active reserve officer in good standing just keep working your hours and apply to agencies that consider you an academy trained applicant or find a reserve spot at an agency that will transition you to full time. Fountain Valley PD, Signal Hill PD, ....I am sure there are others.


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              Originally posted by HI629 View Post

              Possibly. I was sworn in a mere 5 days before the 3-year date was to come up on my certificate.

              But to answer your question, my department does accept external academy certificates for reserve officers because they don't have full-time reserve academy classes at their in-house academy. You just can't become a full-time officer with them with an external academy certificate.


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                Then have you considered another Agency?


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                  Do you have accredited college credits?, previous military experience, any organized competitive sports history, or managerial skills in previous employment?

                  What irrelevant actions- besides reserve policing- have you done to prepare yourself for policing as a police officer.. Yes Im being sarcastic.

                  You've been doing the job, but they want to know if you can do the job..

                  App: 2/12/09
                  Geo: Revised; CA Long Beach, San Bernardino, L.A.
                  Written: 2/20/09
                  NOR: 3/2/09 (81 no vet pref.)
                  TO: ? (reached my 37th bday 9/09)

                  App: 5/5/09
                  Geo: San Diego
                  Written: 6/5/09 (75.8 no vet pref.)
                  NOR: 7/20/09
                  Faxed Documents: 7/7/09
                  TO: 10/6/09
                  Mailed Documents: 10/16/09
                  Oral Interview: 12/02/09 Passed

                  Geo: SW Border-El Centro/San Diego Area
                  App: 8/17/10
                  Written: 10/6 Passed (73 w/ no vet pref.)
                  TO: 11/10/10 (pre emp forms due 11/22)


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