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LAPD psych and medical question


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  • LAPD psych and medical question

    What does the psychological and medical portion of the exams consist of with the LAPD? Is there another written exam in this stage of the process? I've got those next week.


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    The medical portion is easy. Just some routine tests. You will be taking the tredmill test as well. That is also easy. It takes about ten minutes. YOu will start out walking slow, then walking faster uphill, and then finally walking really fast on a steep incline.

    The written psych portion is a pain in the butt. Expect to spend several hours filling out the written portion. There are easily over one thousand questions total, and they are all pretty much the same question, just asked differently. Make sure you are consistant with your answers, or else they will know you are lying and will either DQ you or make you do it again.

    The oral psych interview takes about one hour. You will be asked various questions about your background. No real surprizes here, they just want to get a good picture of you and your past. They want to make sure that you don't have some traumatic history and that you won't see something in the "field" and snap and go crazy. Also they judge your personal characteristics and see if you are a good match to their dept.

    Hope this helps, good luck.


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      Ah. I was wondering about the written portion of it. Thanks for the helpful info.


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        Granted I read very fast but there is a trick to saving time on the written pysch. There is about 1000 questions and I finished it last time in 40 minutes.

        If you have taken it you will remember that a very high percentage of the questions are (or should be) answered "No" or "False". Stuff like..Sometimes I wake up and want to kill somebody...or....I am generally unhappy....etc. In other words this test is not made up of questions that require much if any real thought to answer.

        What kills guys is they read each question and then move their eyes over to the scantron sheet, find the appropriate bubble, fill it in, and then return to the test question booklet. The trick is to read each question until you find a "Yes" or "True" question. Then go to the answer sheet and bubble in say #45. Lets say your last "Yes" was #31. Now go ahead and bubble back up from #44 to #32 with "No" bubbles. Then back to reading the questions.

        I had stretches of 15-20 "No's" in a row. But instead of stopping and bubbling each one I would just keep reading. You have to be careful because the "Yes" questions are scattered in there but it's probably 98% "No's".

        Saves a ton of time.
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          Your the man Hbliam, thanks for the hint. I've taken it about 5 times for various jobs and always dread it.
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            That's good to know. I can't imagine spending hours reading the same crap over and over. Thanks Hbliam


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              I started my psych test on wednesday Dec 20 and I spent over 6 hours on it...

              Still not done and have until next wednesday to go back and finish it. On top of that I also have to do those 5 essays...
              Written & PQE - July 2006 Pass 85%
              PAT - August 2006 Pass
              Poly - November 2006 Pass
              Oral - December 2006 Pass
              BI - Cleared by the city of Los Angeles Jan 2007
              Med, written psych,PAT 2 - Jan 5, 2007 Passed
              Oral psych - Jan 8 2007, Pass
              Cert. & appointment - "Academy Certified"

              Hired 9/7/07


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