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Advise for OPD Oral Interview


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  • Advise for OPD Oral Interview

    I just passed the written exam for the OPD. I am scheduled for the oral interview on 8/29.

    I would like to solicit some responses from some of the senior members if possible...

    How long will the interview take?
    What types of questions are typically asked?

    I know honesty is the best way to answer any questions. I would like a heads-up as to the type of questions being posed.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    It would help if you clarified which department you are talking about if you want some specific information. Here in Southern California OPD= Oceanside Police Department. Northern Californina = Oakland Police Department and there might actually be a few others. If you want generic information on oral interview questions then they will usually have a few scenario based questions to see how you think through a problem and make a decision, there will be a few about your strengths/weaknesses/history and some about why you want law enforcement or their particular agency. Make sure you know everything you can about the agency you are interviewing with and be completely honest in your answers. Good luck.


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      My apologies...I was referring to the Oakland PD. The reason I want to be involved in law enforcement is because I've always had a respect for what they do and I understand the difficulties they encounter on a daily basis. Given my personality, I feel I could enforce the law to the best of my ability.


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        2) Ideas- Try and ask a Oakland PD officer ( perferably one who has just recently started the job),then try Barrons ' police exams- they have samples of interview questions and opinions of the questions. you do,however, need to know (FYI) the current leadership of the Dept-at least the Chief,#s of officers ,jurisdictional size, dept goals and initiatives (i.e. community policing,weed and seed programs,DARE,etc)the current crime problems, and what you THINK should and ,or could be done to reduce those problems.Many depts, and i doubt if "oaktown" is different, expect you to give a summary of your experience and education -and that critical question-"what have you done to prepare yourself for a career "with oakland Pd,as well as "why Oakland".......
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          Hey, Thanks for the tips. I will buy the Barrons Police Office Exam and study up on the OPD website. If any thing else comes to mind, please let me know.


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