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  • Sfpd

    I'm in the process of applying with San Francisco. I am an out-of-state applicant. I was told that I could not combine the written and physical testing into one trip but I am not clear on how much of the rest of it I could combine. Oral interviews are sometime in April and I know that after that successful applicants go on to the usual background/medical/poly. Anyone know how many trips that might all take?

    Let's assume I am successful at the interview, could I likely arrange to meet with the investigator within a day or two and also have a medical exam? Can some/most/all of the contact with an investigator be done on the phone or in writing? (excluding the poly of course) If these things are possible, I want to be able to make my case to the Exams unit clearly.

    I don't have any problem with going out there several times if thats what it takes, but would really prefer to limit it to 3-4 trips ... plus a final move I hope

    Thanks for any information (and hey, any other SFPD hiring info would be greatly appreciated)

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    I too am applying to SFPD, so good luck to us both! Fortunately I didn't have to take the written since I jsut took it for Oakland.

    Anyways, your questions would be best answered by the SFPD background unit. Since your situation is relatively unique, they may be the best/only source for reliable infiormation about what you can do to ease the burden of travel.

    So give them a call and have fun in the process.


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      hey there I have just finished all parts of the process and it has been a total of 13 months. I made 8 seperate trips which were 1)written 2) physical 3)oral interview 4)interview with BI 5) polygraph 6)medical exam 7) written psychological exam 8) interview with psychologist. Every part I did once it was actually scheduled was once a month. There were times where I did not hear anything for a month and the longest waiting period is after you finish the oral interview. For myself it was 4 months before the BI scheduled a meeting with him.


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        Thanks y'all. I emailed with the exam unit chief and he said while they do not have an expedited "out-of-state" processing like some other depts. they are apparently trying to combine steps together for everyone, locals included. So now orals and the first paperwork/questionaires for psych and background are being done in something like 2 days.

        to edmo-- do you mind if along the way I might PM you a question or two? You're one of the few people I've seen who has recently gone through the whole process.


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          we're still backwards when it comes to recruitment.....

          no expedited process...... any time soon

          good luck
          ''Life's tough......it's tougher if you're stupid.''
          -- John Wayne


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            sorry so long faith, Hey anytime you have a question just message me. I'll be glad to help in anyway I can.


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