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Ventura County Sheriff or Ventura PD?


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  • Ventura County Sheriff or Ventura PD?

    I am in the middle of the hiring stage at both departments (background check with both at the moment) and I have 2 questions if you wouldn't mind helping me out:

    1) Assuming you can get in at either place, which would you take? (Ventura PD say's if I go with Sheriff's, i'll work the jails for the next 5 years, Sheriff's say PD is so small, with so little opportunity for advancement, that I will drive a car on a beat for 10 years before I get any promotional opportunities). I think jails could be very interesting, and Sheriff's cover more area, but PD looks like a nice, tight group of smart people and I like that as well. I would be proud to wear either uniform, but I could sure use some inside info to help me see a clearer picture from an LEO's point of view.

    2) I would like to buy and start shooting the gun I will have to carry on the job. I shoot Glock 21, Les Baer 1911, Walther p99 but want to focus ONLY on the gun I will shoot in the academy and on the job from now on. Anybody know what guns make the cut for each department?

    Again, i'll go to either place gladly, just curious of your experience and insight with the respective jobs.


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    Dont know much about either dept., but working the jails first is some of the best experience you can get before hitting the streets. Job oppurtunity is also a factor. My dept. has 250-300 job descriptions. Its nice to have alot of jobs to choose from when your're burnt out. If your're into overtime, check to see who usually gets more. Good luck.


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      I'm not too familier with either department but I am with the guns. Just have fun shooting what you own for now. They will buy you a gun and show you the way they want you to shoot it.

      As far as advancement, ect. Do a little more digging. 5 years is a long time in jail and while it is good experience you might be forced to rotate back to the jail to advance. You may actually love the jail, some people do. Just talk to the officers and see what they think and what they would do differently if they were in your situation.
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      For California police academy notes go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CABasicPolice/


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        i say forget both and go for Oxnard PD. they have the best thing going right now in Ventura County... great retirement, hiring bonuses and so on. alot of Ventura PD officers have made the switch because Ventura does have such little opportunity to move and promote. Oxnard is ever growing, when Ventura, just by geographic location, can only get so big. Oxnard had lots of expanding room.
        Ventura PD and Ventura SO are both great departments, so i guess it all comes down to what you really want. if you want to go where the action is, well you'll find it either way, except with the sheriffs you wont get that excitement for a few years...
        hope i am of some help...


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          Just out of curiosity, what made you decide to apply to those two departments over Oxnard, Simi, etc. ?


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            Thanks for the info, it is helpful. To answer a7x's question, the reason I like the two departments I mentioned is:

            -I live in Ventura, and my wife and I own a business here. As well, most of my family lives here. If I had to drive to Simi, it would be a little bit of a haul to get there (I do like Simi however).

            -As well, Ventura PD seems to be (from what I can see) filled with some sharp guys. I've seen them on the streets in situations and I watch and listen when they arrest gang members (My buddy has a welding business in a bad area, always getting action around there) and it always amazes me how calm and cool these guys are. I don't want to work with a group of dumb trigger-happy jocks that have a chip on their shoulder and something to prove.

            I figured that Oxnard, while close by would require far more spanish-speaking officers.

            in the long run (10 years?), I plan to transfer to LAPD (I'm from LA originally), as my long-term goal is to work with a special unit they now have that focuses on human trafficking and child prostitution/slavery. This is really why I thought of police work in the first place.

            Again, thanks for the info.


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              VPD pays more, especially if you have a bachelors degree (10% increase of base salary). I'd probably go that route, but VCSD isn't a bad option at all. We are lucky to have some excellent law enforcement agencies here in the county.

              One thing about LAPD is I think they make laterals go through their academy. They do pay full salary during the academy though. Just something to think about.

              Best of luck with the rest of the hiring process and hopefully in the academy!


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