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Oakland process: How's it going?


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  • Oakland process: How's it going?

    Hey all,

    I just wanted to hear how it was going for all of those in the Oakland process.

    I was a bit puzzled that they subjected applicants to the Pre-PHQ form, AFTER the written, oral, physical AND the full, 31-page PHQ. Then they attach a note statting that if you aren't approved by the Pre-PHQ, you will be DQ'd from the process...there doesn't seem to be any logic in the man hours and money spent...this should have been the FIRST step for applicants. Weird...or am I missing the point?

    Feel free to enlighten me or just discuss your progress in the Oakland process.

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    I just figured they wanted to see if anyone was lieing, or would mess up and their answers would differ on the two forms. I would somewhat assume the Pre-PHQ would come with the written exam. Also, didnt understand why they scheduled the fingerprint & photo before we knew if the psych. disqualified us. Would of been nice to do it the day of the psych. Did you go do that yet? I've got to go on the 22nd. Sucks having to drive 4hrs for whats gonna take 10 minutes. lol. -Ryan


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      Yeah! I was thinking the same thing about the fingerprint/photo.

      Fortunately I "only" need to drive 45min there and 45min back tomorrow. Ah well. It's their world, we just wanna play in it.

      Good luck man.


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        Now the waiting begins...all info turned in and documents signed.

        We get a letter...bad.

        We get a phone call...good. Not hired, but not DQ'd.

        Time to buy some Tums.


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          I too am at a loss. I have not heard anything... Ryan answered some questions on the t-scores and from talking to people at the pa, there seems to be some confusion. We went down to get our pictures and fingerprints and had to take that written test, maybe they are using the test to "weed" out some of the candidates.


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            Well this is supposedly the week we are to find out. I am sure it takes a while to sort through everyone.

            When you think about it, they have just had three weeks to sift through a 31 page background, psych exam, Wonderlic test, writing sample and a couple other assorted tests...all for around 300+ people.

            But like you, I am impatient to know..one way or the other. Good luck to us all.


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