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    Ok so i'm contiplating on what to do next with my life.

    I'm either staying here in NC and doing the academy here..
    or going to VA

    Or i've thought about moving to Cali to help my mom out since she's not doing too well right now. Thing is I don't know if i'd have to go into the academy first before trying to get hired or what? If so how do I find out a good academy to go to if I do decide to move there. I'll be in the bay area if I do move... in layfayette for a little while (sorry NO clue how to spell it)

    I'm still trying to figure out which move would be the best for me in the long run. Any help would be great!

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    There are many agencies out here that will hire you and then sponsor you through an academy. Since you're talking about Lafayette, I know the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Department will.

    Here's a link POST puts out for departments that are currently hiring:


    Here is a map that details the LE agencies in California:


    I hope that helps, good luck!
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      Well, if your coming out to CA then join my site and download my academy notes from the files.

      "Respect for religion must be reestablished. Public debt should be reduced. The arrogance of public officials must be curtailed. Assistance to foreign lands must be stopped or we shall bankrupt ourselves. The people should be forced to work and not depend on government for subsistence." - Cicero, 60 B.C.

      For California police academy notes go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CABasicPolice/


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        many agencies hiring entry level folk in the CoCo County area (Contra Costa).

        You can self sponsor yourself through several area academies too (Contra Costa Sheriff's Academy - Pittsburg (formerly Los Medanos Police Academy), Alameda County Sheriff's Academy - Dublin, CA, Napa Valley Police Academy - Napa, CA or San Francisco Regional Academy - San Francisco, CA.

        On self sponsored academies, CA has "extended" academies tailored for the working stiff, i.e. every Mon, Wed, Fri night 6p to 10p and every Sat/Sun 8-5 (or similar schedule). Takes about 10 months to complete. This way you can hold a PT job, help mom and help yourself too.

        I'd try applying around and getting hired / sponsored by an agency.

        What are your long term goals? staying in CA? Check with the POST or state organization overseeing LEO training in your area - if they would recognize CA post to waive that state's training.... i.e. work in CA for five years and when you're ready to move back to NC or VA, if they will waive academy training for you so you don't have to go through it again (or cut short the academy)....

        Good luck.
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