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Plantar Fasciia tear


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  • Plantar Fasciia tear

    Has anyone out there dealt with this? I tore part of this at work over a year ago and it's just getting worse and worse. Ive been doing the boot, steroid shots and anti-inflammatories for several months and now my doc wants to do this thing called extracorporal shock wave treatment. He doesn't seem real optimistic about it, though and has said the fasciotomy/fasciectomy surgeries could will be next.

    I'm really getting worried that my department might try to dump me on a medical. Has anyone out there been through this?

    - BD

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    Ya! I had that **** once. I couldn't walk for three weeks! I still have probs now & then. But, I just did the stretching exercises & bought better quality boots & it stopped. Your's sounds much more serious! I know your pain! It's unbearable!
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      I have had that injury. I am retired now but not for that...for service/disability. I tore my right Plantar sometime in 2000 and I don't really know how. I turned in a Comp claim on it figuring that the only thing I could think of was the constant foot movement on the accelerator pedal might be the cause. It was very painful. Could not even walk especially in the morning. Especially without shoes on.
      The comp claim was promptly denied since I couldn't tie it to a specific injury. I hope you were able to do that.
      I had to fake my last year and a half on the job. Never even considering running after anyone or for any thing. Being very careful when and how I steped. Of course I was a danger to myself and others out there, but no one in management gave a S&%$! I finally retired with enough service credit to get my full pension and then put in for a disability pension becauuse of other job related injuries and health issues. That was ultimately granted.
      Meanwhile, I still can't run and have to be extremely careful of that plantar or it begins to tear again. I went to a podiatrist and got fitted for a good pair of custom orthotics. that seems to help a lot, but not immediately.
      I also gradually have increased my ability to walk to where I can no walk several miles. I just have to be careful.
      I have heard from others to Never get surgery on it as it can make it much worse.
      Believe me I feel for you. I hope you can suffer along or get a disability retirement if you can tie it to a specific injury. It is hell to have it.


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        I suffered from plantar faschiitis last summer. It began to mess with me in November of '03. I never really paid that much attention to it. My left knee really began to hurt for some strange reason. The first '04 rolled around and I was in the process for the Indiana State Police, my dream job. Around February, I finally went to a podiatrist who diagnosed me with that problem. We immediately fitted me with some custom orthotics and began aggressive shock and ultrasound therapy, twice per week. I was also taking Celebrix for the inflammation. I would also stretch against a wall several times a day and also do stretches with a towel.

        After going through all of this and finally getting better, I was hired by the state police (leaving a police job of over 6 years). My doctor told me I was fine to do it, but there would be some pain from time to time with distance running. Sure enough, it acted up and they "let me resign my position" due to a medical reason. ANYWAY......try not to do the surgery if you can help it. My doctor did tell me the same thing, the surgery will be the beginning of a long line of problems. It was amazing how that whole thing worked. It was brused and I didn't even know it. And to compensate for the pain in the foot, I would turn my foot out, thus causing the pain to the knee.

        I also make sure that I always wear my orthotics, even at home. I bought a pair of house slippers and keep 'em in there. I replace my sneakers every six months - REGARDLESS!!! This one is very important. My doctor told me that I was a severe over-pronator so I was wearing the sneakers that corrected that problem, Saucony's, New Balance, and the like. I'm 100% better. Do have some days where it hurts, but only if I've been on my feet most of my 12 hour shift. By the way, I did get another police job. LOL
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