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  • 4850 Injury

    Hey, has anyone here suffered an on duty knee injury, specifically ACL/MCL tear?

    If so, what was your repair method, and how long was your recovery to full duty?

    Lastly, does anyone know in what ballpark the disability ratings for such an injury are and what dollar amount is typically attached to such a thing?


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    Haven't had ACL or MCL yet, but have had both right knee menisci torn, surgery on the lateral meniscus, seven injuries so far on that knee. Surgery recovery was one month, but was moving pretty well after two weeks. Rating was 14%, which was around a $5500 award.

    Get a worker's comp attorney. There is zero cost to you and they know the system, which can get complicated when it comes to ratings and work status.
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      Trust ateamer on the legal advice. I can comment on recent medical and rehab related ACL/MCL stuff.

      My daughter is a competitive volleyball player and suffered a full ACL/partial MCL tear in September 2014 during her first school league game as a senior varsity player. She had reconstruction of the ACL using hamstring tendon at the end of December and after 7 months of relatively low key exercise and rehab she began Community College volleyball squad which included very intensive PT, exercise, and volleyball play. She wears a custom brace to reduce chances of re-injury but could probably get away without a brace. I think it provides mental confidence and takes away fear that might distract her giving it her all. From what I saw her low key exercise could have been more intensive but she was playing the injured "feeling sorry for herself" role for a while. I'd recommend you push your agency/work comp provider for aggressive PT and make rehab, PT, and training a priority over getting back to work quickly.

      Good luck.
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        Thanks for the info guys. I have hired an attorney. Ateamer, my meniscus is torn also but they said they would just fix it while they were repairing the rest. I imagine my rating will be considerably higher than just the meniscus tear. Do you know how that stuff factors in for future employment? For instance, I was looking at lateraling to another department before I got hurt. When I'm healed and back to work, provided I can pass a pre-employment medical exam, does the rating hinder other employment opportunities?


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          Bottom line, it depends on the department. Your new Agency will be inheriting ("owing") your knee. A department may not want to take that risk.


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            Originally posted by eagleI View Post
            Bottom line, it depends on the department. Your new Agency will be inheriting ("owing") your knee. A department may not want to take that risk.
            It's my understanding that the agency where you sustained the injury "owns" that injury, not the new department which is why places still hire people who have been injured.


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              Nope. The gaining agency owns it. If you tear it your first day on, you're a medical retirement, paid for by the agency. Your old agency just settles the W/C claim and any agreements you have. They don't pay your new agency for your retirement.


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                Gangcop send me a pm and I will give u info re torn acl and such
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