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  • On-Duty Collision Questions

    Long story short, I'm a full time sworn peace officer and my patrol vehicle was involved in a collision with another vehicle while on-duty. I'll either be found at fault or it may be the result of an equipment malfunction on the vehicle's part. Minor property damage with no complaint of pain or transport from the other party. My department is conducting an investigation with multiple layers of review and an accident report (CHP 555) has been written. I do not know the dollar amount of the damage to either vehicle.

    Do I need to notify the DMV myself of the incident via SR-1 or is it the responsibility of my department? Not sure if there are any exemptions for sworn officer working in an official capacity. I'm hearing that my own personal insurance rates may increase due to the incident, however I don't really see that happening.

    Can any sworn traffic guru's provide some feedback?

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    I got into a TC while on-duty and it was found to be my fault. Just minor property damage that was all. I did not notify DMV, nor did I need to.

    What needs to happen is the poor cop who has to write the report just needs to check the box that basically says; On-Duty Traffic Collision, which is on the CHP 555 report. If the poor cop does that it will not go on your DMV driver record and your insurance will not go up.

    If the poor cop does not check the box and the report gets approved then it will show on your driving record and yes your insurance will be affected.

    Bottom line: Sworn officers are exempt from having their DMV driving record impacted from what happens during the course of their employment as a police officer. Of course if the incident does not result in a serious type of negligent driving pattern where you end up having charges brought up against you, that's a whole other story.

    The only thing I would caution you to do is check the CHP 555 to see if that box was checked. If the box was checked then you should be good to go. If the box was not checked, I believe a sup. on the original report has to be done to correct the error and then the sup. has to get reported to the DMV. Not the easiest of tasks.

    Hope that helps.


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      OP what agency are you with? Or is this going to be "I'd rather not say out of concerns for (Insert bull$hit excuse)"

      What Academy did you go to? What part of the State do you work in?

      You are not a real police officer in California. How do I know? You asked this question on O.com that's how. You didn't have a Supervisor explain this to you or talk to your POA/DSA/Other Union rep?

      Your insurances rates go up?-that actually used to be law until it was changed in 2006. SR-1? Oh god, you have NEVER seen a real life CHP555 have you?
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        Surprise surprise. Maybe he worked for River City.
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          Read Section 16000 CVC regarding financial reporting responsibilities.

          Read Section 488.5 of the California Insurance Code regarding insurance rates going up.
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            Thanks for the information provided above.


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              Is that all you got? If you are really on the job, I highly suggest once this accident review comes to a conclusion and you are found at fault, you try to lateral. Where you work is completely ****ed up if they can't explain the simple aspects of an on duty collision; furthermore, so is your labor association since they clearly didn't bother trying to reach out you after a crash to check on you. All bad. Again, if this is a true story.
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                On duty collisions are part of the job. They happen occasionally and are not a big deal unless you make a habit of it. The above posters are making reference to check boxes but the CIM also requires the investigator write "ON DUTY EMERGENCY VEHICLE" in the upper left special conditions box

                I have had friends who have had On duty collisions on their record get denied to rent cars by car rental companies but it's been 20+ years since I heard that complaint.

                My last agency's policy was to only put the crash on a 555 when there was another party. Solo patrol car crashes were documented internally only.
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