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Any POST Recert to Lateral Experience in SoCal?


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  • Any POST Recert to Lateral Experience in SoCal?


    Just looking to see if anyone has done the recert (and has a POST cert) and get picked up as a lateral?

    Former Socal cop turned federal Special Agent looking to come back to city policing. Long story short I have my POST basic certificate, worked for a SoCal department for a couple years, left to become a fed. Special Agent, after seven years I want to go back to city policing.

    I have been told that some agencies will accept me as a lateral with the recert academy. Has anyone recently done the recert course? I know OCSD runs one, and Rio Hondo used to, but they have no classes listed on their schedule. I'm looking to do the three week course not over weekends. My agency has sent me to Europe for two years (hard life) so I will use up vacation to recert.

    Thanks for the help.

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    I know someone who just did the re-cert course. Federal uniformed officer going to the state through the waiver process. Said it was pretty easy.

    I also know another fed (1811) prior LAPD who is going through the re cert up in Napa. I believe they are bringing him in as a lateral.
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      HMU via PM if you like, I did the OC POST-recert course in 2005, after five years off, and was picked up by an OC agency in 2006, FWIW. Been there ever since, still on the streets.
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        Thanks. I just spoke to some agencies and most are good to go with the recert except for one that will not accept it. I'm looking forward to getting back on the streets for sure.


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