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  • CHP cadet/academy requirements


    I had a question. I'm not in law enforcement myself however my younger brother is interested in becoming a CHP officer and he will be submitting his first application and taking his first CHP physical test in Sacramento this week. He is 24 years old, married w/3 kids, upstanding citizen, has worked full-time since age 19 (no employment gaps), he doesn't do drugs, will pass all criminal background checks and is extremely physically fit (top of his class in crossfit). However during the last 4-5 years he has gotten at least 2 speeding tickets and his license was suspended for a few months because he was driving without insurance. (Wasn't completely his fault, he got behind on bills and had to go to work in order to pay the rent or be fired. He has a long work commute from San Joaquin county down to Santa Clara). His license is now fully restored and he hasn't gotten any tickets within the last 12 months.

    Question is how strict is the CHP when it comes to the driving records portion of the background check? Could the speeding tickets combined with the temporary suspension prevent him from getting into the academy? By the way he also has bad credit, don't know if the CHP does a credit check or not. Any info. about this is appreciated, he will make a really good officer if he can make it into the academy.

    ** Also he hasn't taken taken any college courses yet, I understand the CHP doesn't require college credits to get into the academy.
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    Yes they look closely at your driving record and all agencies do a credit check.
    The suspension will hurt so he may need to wait a few years.
    They are going to hire the person who has a clean driving record, good credit and education over him.


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      So basically your brother is a young, married guy without military experience or a degree... The odds are against him. He does not sound competitive at all. Sorry but it's the truth.


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        Bad credit and the tickets are a no-go.


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