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CA POST - Personal History Statement Packet Question


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  • CA POST - Personal History Statement Packet Question

    I've applied for an agency and have been emailed the next step in the employment process, to fill out a California Post Personal History Statement Packet, but I have a question regarding one of the questions-

    "Have you ever applied for any position at another law enforcement agency (city, county, state, federal)?"

    I am not looking to deceive a background investigator that would review my packet, but the first job that I applied for was an Explorer Scout Position (technically that would be considered applying for a law enforcement position, right?).

    So I have that listed on there, and more recently I applied to a PD for a Cadet position, but did not pass the oral interview because I am not currently enrolled in a college. Would that be considered a disqualification?

    So I decided to apply for a few full-time positions with other agencies (about 7), but I have been declined by 2 agencies and was emailed "Unfortunately you do not meet the minimum qualifications to take the written exam.. etc" - Would that be considered a disqualification?

    Also, I have applied recently to a few positions with other agencies, but have only gotten a confirmation letter of my application, just waiting to here back. Would it look bad if I've applied to at least 7 agencies?

    Thanks for the help.
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    On all three you "lacked the minimum qualifications necessary for admission to the testing process."

    The fact that you got as far as the oral for the cadet position was a fluke. Someone in HR screwed up. The should have screened your application better, noted that you lacked the MQs and sent you a letter advising you could not test. On this one I would note that you failed the oral, but the essence is that you lacked the MQ's for admission.
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      Put them all down, even being an explorer. If you did not pass an oral, yes you were DQ'd. No, it wont look bad that you applied to 7 agencies. Just put them all down, indicate what happened with each application and your BI will take it from there.


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        The only thing that will DQ you is if you went through another agency's hiring process and your background investigator found out you lied about something or you fail a polygraph. That info will be shared with other agencies. You can apply to as many as you want, but if one of those two things happened in a previous hiring process, you're toast.

        A friend of mine has applied to every agency in Northern California, but could not get hired because at one of them, there was a discrepency between his story of why he left one of his jobs and the story that his old boss told. His old boss said he was dismissed due to poor performace, but he told his backgrounder that it was a mutual agreement that he would voluntarily quit. The backgrounder assumed he was lying to make his termination look better than it really was and believed his ex-employer's version. Consequently, nobody would touch him after that.


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          CA POST - Personal History Statement Packet Question

          Yeah, I have nothing to hide on my background packet. I just didn't want to write all of the agencies that I've applied for because of how long it would be. It didn't fit on one page so I needed to hand-write them on the last page for more space.

          I eventually decided to do it because I didn't want to get knocked for not following directions.

          & I didn't know if it would look bad if I listed the Cadet position as a Disqualification, so I just left it blank and will tell the background investigator that I wasn't qualified to move on to the next step.
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            Just list everything. Most BI's will look at it and say "who ****ing cares?"

            It's like laterals that answer "yes" for questions related to being involved in a fight.
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