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Los Angeles Area FOP Chapter?


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  • Los Angeles Area FOP Chapter?

    Are any of you guys members of a local chapter of the FOP in LA or the LA metro area? One of our Detectives who is an active FOP member with the Crescent City Lodge is retiring and moving to the area in the next several months. He is interested in joining a local chapter, attending meetings, and getting to know other LEO's active and retired in the area. He's not much for message boards, so I told him I would ask around and see if I could get some info. If any of you have the name of a chapter(s) and good contact information for their secretary (or whomever handles membership) please let me know so I can pass it along.

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    FOP isn't real active out here.
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      Originally posted by mdrdep View Post
      FOP isn't real active out here.
      The FOP called my house about a year ago. Asked for a donation. I asked them what they needed money for, as PORAC via my POA already took enough money. The guy didn't know what a POA or PORAC was. Then he said they were just a contracted company used by the FOP to solicit donations.

      I mentioned that I didn't know of any active FOP lodges or FOP members anywhere in Southern California, and asked again what they needed my money for. He didn't have a good answer.
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        I've heard of a lodge in Arizona but never one in Southern California.
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          a better question is why da hell is he retiring in CA when 99.999% retire and leave the state????
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            FOP is a FLOP. Thank God for PORAC!


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